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Started reading Nine Ball like two days ago. Already I can tell it's going to be one of the best books I've ever read. Much love to Jeffy and the work he put in. It's quite an intense experience to be frank already. I relate to so much of the early stuff... perhaps not to the extent of my parents committing crimes, but the dysfunctional family, the substance abuse, the youthful misunderstanding of girls and their signals... the feeling like I just wanted to "destroy" everything. Although I have met Jeffy before I feel alot more connected to him just by hearing his story, and relating so much to it. An excellent, highly entertaining page-turning book I recommend to anyone. I'll let you guys know when I finish it.
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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

What's up y'all. I'm sure you guys (my readers, whoever you are) have been wondering what's up with me lately, where are the value-laden posts, etc.

Well, in plain english, I've entered in somewhat of a STR (short-term relationship), exclusive dating scenario, whatever you call it (I guess "GF" for lack of a better term) with an HB7.5 I met. I will admit that this is a bit of "settling" romantically in that I KNOW if I sarged more, went out more, whatever that I could probably get someone a bit more to my liking physically (because she does fulfill alot of things financially, mentally, etc.), but to be frank I have more shit to worry about than girls.

Even within this is contained a lesson for newbies/PUA guys. My life is in a bit of disarray right now... I have started going back to college (only 3 classes though), making music on a daily basis again, etc. and I have noticed that alot of my distressing habits (over-drinking, over-smoking) coincide with my "going out" phase. Now I have an ultimate goal of going out sober, not smoking, etc. and all that good stuff, but I know right now, combined with school obligations, having a girl I like somewhat, and really trying to get my career going that I am not ready to "launch that attack" yet. So I have decided to settle down for a while, focus more on MUSIC and SCHOOL and maybe even a JOB... and GIRLS/PUA come 2nd or 3rd... that's just real talk.

Lastly, I'd like to say that part of the reason I'm comfortable with all of this is precisely BECAUSE I've proven to myself in a year and a half's time that I CAN bring women into my life. No longer really a "chode" or an "AFC", I went from banging 3 chicks in my first 3 years of sexual activity (pre-PUA) to 10 in the year and a half! Again, not saying this to brag... but I feel like that's quite an accomplishment for a guy who was a virgin through high school... and NOT by choice.

I'll still have plenty of value-based posts, ideas, threads, etc. and give advice/blogs whenever I can, but I'm just updating you guys and offering the idea that MAYBE:

It's okay to settle a bit a while because you have "bigger fish to fry"... If you have an opportunity to have a GF, get somewhat consistent sex, still have a "life" and go out... maybe you should take it and focus on your "purpose" for a while... which is INFINITELY more important that chicks. Trust me.

In a bit.

Lord Invincible
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Saturday, August 29, 2009... 5:59 AM

Well after one of the all around worst days of my life, let alone Fridays, I've decided to pack it in and give up on my old Self. This is my goodbye letter to my old self.

If I am going to keep living, which it seems I don't have much a choice in the matter 'cause I'm not going off and killing myself- that's rubbish, I'll just have to give up this guy, whoever he is, within me. Even if it means the new me is "boring" by some definitions- not drinking or smoking... meditating... eating properly. Not going out unless it's really with a purpose to build a PUA skillset or have a genuinely FUN, VALUEABLE experience with my real FRIENDS.

22 years of noise and confusion in my brain have left me with little but a botched academic record, fairweather friends, a few unsatisfying romantic relationships, and shitty lungs and liver from smoking like a chimney and drinking like a fish. The entire back side of my gums, where my molars are, on my left side, are gone. Probably forever. I'll probably have to get a gold tooth molar or some shit when I go to the dentist. Which is next week. Great. This is from smoking, drinking too much coffee, and not caring what the fuck my dentist said to me. Over-indulgence. Self-destructive behavior. Believing that there is true liberation in letting yourself go to the point that you fall of the "edge"... into the abyss of nothingness. This is where I've been all this time. There were parts that were fun at the time, but there is definitely not a lasting sense of feeling or meaning.

So, I am done with this old person. I am sick of drinking to force myself into "not thinking too much" mode, or to force myself into "fun" mode. It's like I drink so that when I get in the bar, I can feel that "supercharge" of "Okay, talk to people, feel confident, be energetic, and don't give a fuck", which, admittedly alcohol (MOST of the time) provides. But it comes at a hefty price...

1) LOADS... just LOADS of money... which I don't have, or at least could be spending on something I LOVE like MUSIC, good food, or dates with women...
2) Many nights in which it has the reverse effect and makes me SEVERELY depressed
3) Many nights in which I end up fighting someone, anyone, including and especially my friends
4) Detriment to what little health I have left
and last, but not least...
5) A never ending hole that can never be filled... a voice that can never be silenced, "I need to drink more to feel better, ACT better, and BE better"...

Similarly, smoking fulfills the same quotas, and is even worse 'cause it rots my teeth, which sucks 'cause you already know how weird old people look without a full set of teeth... fucking nasty.


Point being... I'm done with YOU. Old self... insecure fuck... man without a mission... I know what my purpose is. I know what I WANT to do...

1) Music - I want to be a great rapper, singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Simple as that. I want to make songs that I love to sing and can move people's hearts and minds the way that the artists I look up to did for me.

2) Women - I want to have an abundance of women in my life, friends, lovers, and otherwise. I want to feel like this is no longer a "battle" or "struggle" for success in an area, just a part of who I am, a part of my life... "I have women in my life"

3) Money - I want to have FUCKING MONEY. I'm so sick of being fucking broke. Seriously. It's so bad now, when I go to McDonald's, I usually can't afford a full extra value meal, or a large coke or any of that shit, 'cause it could jeopardize me getting home that night. Of course, this is partially because when I do have an extra 7-8 bucks... it goes to a pack of smokes or a drink at the bar. Figures.

4) Friends - I want to have friends who actually fucking call ME to hang out, act as if I'm high value... not like me having to chase these bastards around and call them, and then feel weird/clingy just 'cause I call them alot to see if they're trying to go out/sarge... it's like "Fuck you, man (this goes for girls as well), just respond the first time and tell me you're busy and then I won't call..." And guarantee if I take their number out of my phone, they're gonna act all weird when I say "Who is this?" or some shit... fuckers. I'm done with those kind of low-lifes too. I want TRUE friends who WANT to see/hang out/sarge with me.

And lastly, probably the thing I want most:

5) Consistency of Emotional Stability - Or maybe, simply control of my emotions? Although that is a tall order indeed. Maybe I just want to be "chilling" or "focused" most of the time... I don't need to be like all WIRED and ENERGIZED, but damnit, at least can I feel like I can handle one more day, week, month of life? 'Cause right now I don't. In fact right now, I wouldn't mind, really almost WANT to not wake up tomorrow. Or ever. This is utter shite. I should be pumped about another day of life... in fact a SATURDAY. But now... I feel shit. But this morning I probably didn't. See? This roller coaster shit has to stop.

Anyway, whoever this guy is living in this bubble of my body/mind/soul whatever you want to call. I'm saying bye. And a FUCK YOU VERY MUCH as well. It HASN'T been fun. All the good stuff has been because of the environments and circumstances. You've been a burden on me, and I'm done carrying you around. That goes for my childhood and family struggles as well. I'm starting anew. With someone else. Same government name. But someone else is here now. I'm going to bed.

We'll see how he does.

Sincerely, your old friend, 


Now fuck off.
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Thursday, August 27th, 2009

What's up y'all. I don't usually do daily journals anymore, mainly because I'm embroiled in like 100 things at once on a daily basis, or at least I FEEL like I am... but I figured right now at 6 a.m. in the morning, bored... not sleepy yet, I'd write a little something on my state and where I'm at.

Now I'm still successfully chugging along with my "1 new f-close a month" average for the year... in the sense I have 7 right now and it's almost the end of the 8th month. I am currently semi-dating a chick I met at a bar on Friday, and slowly but surely working my way into comfort so that I can fuck her, mainly so she can be my number 8. It may sound cold fellas, but oh hell, it probably is. I have goals in this game, and I am going to accomplish them. I feel like I'm doing these chicks are service anyway... getting picked up by a saavy, high value, fun guy like myself is a GOOD thing. If I happen to be tallying how many chicks I fuck in the process, so what.

Now, naturally, my BIG secondary goal would be to bang this Real World D.C. chick that I've been scheming on. I met her on Saturday, and lightweight got opened by her... long story. But I am planning to see her this weekend and "MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN" in a big way. Maybe not fuck her this weekend, but like get to attraction, get her number, get a day 2, etc. I think it can happen. We shall have to see.

In other news, BF girl (as I have so dubbed this chick with a boyfriend that I cold approached on a train and ended up eventually f-closing months later... now we are close friends and possible f-buddies??), anyway- BF girl called me and tells me she wants to hang out on Saturday- she's not doing too much and doesn't have any "suggestion of anything fun to do... but I figured we'd just hang out, be around each, and 'do what we do'". This is almost word for word the way she said it. My question is... does she want to fuck me again? I'm really curious. Mind you that she just went to MOROCCO of all places for a month to live with her boyfriend and do all this shit... before she left I told her "I think I'm falling in love with you" (DRUNKEN CHODE), although she seemed very pleased with that whole thing, and has never once given me the impression she's "lost" interest/attraction despite my chode attraction sheeit... anyway, now she's back... and that we only had sex once then she got all "guilty" and shit. I don't know. Either way, I mean the way she is setting it up as if we are going to fuck. Of course, this is not a question I NEED answered, and I probably shouldn't even sweat it either way (outcome independence), but it IS fun to think about, no lie. So hopefully things will fall into place for Saturday, 'cause other than fucking a Real World chick (NUMERO UNO!)... the only amazing PUA/love life thing that could happen right now is for me to fuck this chick, 'cause I got a bit of feelings for the old bird... whatever.

Either way, tomorrow is Thursday, I have a day 3 with this chick, I will hopefully be seeing ze Real Worlders (chance to spit game), and it's one day away from Friday (YAY!!!) So, all will hopefully be well. I'll shoot you guys a report and some words of Amorisey wisdom tomorrow to send you guys off on a successful weekend!

MUCH LOVE, and remember...


In a bit.

-The Young and Invincible
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...time for you guys to give me some advice... I still go out 3-4 days a week CONSISTENTLY, open sets, try a few different openers, routines, or whatever. There are streaks in which I get tons of interest, play, k-closes, f-closes, attraction, etc. the usual. In general I think that I have stepped out of being a general chode in life (a life journey), now my biggest problem is becoming an actual solid PUA. And I don't need mean this in an ego based thing, I mean it as a guy that is very good at this SKILL-SET... i.e., meeting new women in social gatherings and making a connection... that's what I mean what I say PUA. Anyway,

Lately, most nights I go out and open... I come off WAYYYY too much like a player dude. Like before I've even began running "game", or routines or whatever... it's like the girl is already IODing the shit out of me... of course, in line with good RSD teaching, I keep plowing, but I've usually dug myself a hole. Sometimes I just ask the girl straight out "what's the issue with my game?" or whatever to get some candid feedback, and often it's like, "You come on too strong" or "I get the player vibe" and shit like... now THAT'S OKAY... 'cause it's much better than being "Chode #27", and at least I approached at ALL...


I want to keep bringing new women in my life, actually meeting people, and having FUN with this shit... and if every set I approach assumes I'm simply "another guy hitting on them"... something is up. What do you guys think I could begin doing in my game so the next few times I go out, while still running RSD INSPIRED DIRECT GAME, not that MM indirect chodey shit, and not come on "too strong", so I return to the glory days of k-closes, SNLs, etc. and not simply "a few solid opens but no attraction" or "player vibe blow outs"?
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What’s up fellas. I wanted to talk a bit today about the concept of “prospecting” (or, searching for and maintaining a variety of avenues to bring women into your life), and the importance of it.

Now, coming into this game it should already be internalized in your brain, almost a mantra of sorts, that the only true remedy to your afflictions with a woman, many women, or your own self-impression of your relationship with women can only be solved by one definite means: Bringing MORE NEW women into your life. This is accomplished by two simple (though sometimes difficult) means: 1) Having a bunch of ways to bring chicks into your life. 2) Actually OPENING them and learning from the mistakes. This means that you must have a very tightly wound system of ANY and EVERY day knowing how you could meet/get a date/sleep with as many as 5 (or however many you please) NEW, UNIQUE women because you have acquired the skills, and developed the conduits, for women to flow into your life. This is the importance of prospecting.

But of course, all of us go through negative/cold streaks where we can’t seem to get anything going. This is okay. This is natural. It happens to us all. No sports team has ever had a perfect record every season, even ones in which they win the championship. You lose games, take losses, and learn lessons. The fact that you are going through a cold streak should NOT shift your line of focus a single inch other than refining the foundations you’ve already built and spurring you on to greater action.

And so, what is this foundation that I’m talking about? The foundation of prospecting. Having a myriad of different ways that you can bring NEW women into your life… because the old ones will be there, and if you’re not currently fucking them, you probably won’t be. Not that stuff like this doesn’t happen regularly, but it’s not worth putting your money on the idea that you’re going to suddenly “re-attract” a girl who’s know you for weeks/months/years to the put she wants to BANG you, even if there is a low-level flirtation that persists throughout your and her’s relationship (very common in your lives I’m sure). In any case, let us now identify some “avenues” through which you can be bringing new women in your life… today, THIS week, THIS month, and THIS year…

1) Bars/Nightclubs
Clearly, this is the most common/cliché way of accruing new hot chicks into your life. It is probably, in a way, the most common method that many FEMALES use to do their own “prospecting”. You SHOULD/MUST have a constant string of bars that you frequent for different days, for different purposes. When your frat buddies come from out of town and want to game some sorority chicks… you should know the “exciting college-style bars” and what nights they are tight so you can take your friends… when your graduate student hipster friends from the other side of town want to go to a chill/political bar, you should know this as well. And you should be able to accommodate your game to each setting accordingly. But in short – HAVE A BAR/NIGHTCLUB FOR EVERY day of the week. It goes without saying that Friday and Saturday nights are almost strictly reserved for these venues, and you should know EXACTLY where you’re going and what that means for those days. Of course, never neglect bar/nightclub game.

2) Social Circle
This is probably the second most common, and arguably the most IMPORTANT level of prospecting you can do. This involves “plucking” chicks from your friends, friend’s families, acquaintances, work functions, whatever it takes. Now I’m not suggesting with that “friend’s family” thing you necessarily fuck your best friend’s sister or something like that, but it is very within the realm of possibility, if your friend okay’s it, for you guys to enter into a relationship, or (even better), you get one of her hot friends. Either way, scenarios like this are always popping up… let’s say your best friend invites you to a happy hour that some of his buddies from work are throwing at a local bar. This is a PRIME time to pick up a chick. Think of it: 1) You could meet a co-worker of his who is hot and no one else in the office can get because they “work with her” 2) You could meet one of this same co-worker’s friends if she’s not hot 3) You could meet one of his co-worker’s sisters/hot cousins if they happen to randomly be there. 4) You could meet a merged set from another group of happy hour folks, or lastly, 5) you could just cold approach/get opened by a completely new set, and your social value is solidified because you’re at this happy hour with a whole bunch of other people. Now this scenario is an example of how different possibilities (both bar/happy hour AND social game) can be utilized to your advantage.
In addition, social circle game becomes important because of this key fact… and read it well: YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN SOCIAL CIRCLES OUT OF BASICALLY THIN AIR. How is this done? Well I will use a real life example. One random Monday in D.C. (where I’m from), a buddy of mine who lives in an up-and-coming area of town told me about this bar which has trivia nights on Mondays which are pretty popular, and might some cute hipster chicks. We get there, and for a Monday, it is fucking packed. Awesome. Well, within 5 minutes of standing there, a group of guys opens us with “You guys look like you know things. Do you want to join our team?” And so we do. Long story short, I became a complete regular with this team, go almost every week, and have had numerous day 2’s (haven’t fucked a girl from that bar yet for some reason… logistics I guess) from the place. We often have barbecues/parties at each other’s houses, and I can meet their friends/cousins/sisters at these parties. You see now? Just from them opening randomly at a trivia night I have 1) a new venue for Monday 2) social value in the venue (I know my team, the bartenders, etc. because I’m a regular 3) all types of social circle possibilities.

NOTE: This example also inherently implies that I was willing to go out on a Monday, i.e. GO THE DISTANCE. Sometimes life requires this of people.

3) Online
I’m gonna let you guys in a couple secrets. 1) I have fucked 4 seperate girls (and they were all good-looking, no fatties) from online game, including the girl I lost my virginity to and 2 (working on 3) this year alone. So don’t doubt the power of solid online game in getting you to bang hot chicks. Secret number 2, most importantly: 2) GIRLS ONLINE ARE MAD FUCKING INSECURE. They are just WAITING for some guy to come along and pique their interest, IM/email them a few romantically stimulating/cocky & funny jokes, and they will want to be your girlfriend for the rest of all time. I’m dead serious about this… it’s like a knife through fucking butter with these online girls. So I’m going to add that you should IMMEDIATELY join (by far the best/easiest site to pull chicks on, I’ve fucked two from it already– plus it’s FREE) the minute you finish reading this article, look through the site for 20 girls you think are cute, and message every single one of them. If you throw in something unique about their profile and some romantic/c&f… you’ll be golden. Now note: MOST GIRLS ONLINE WILL BLOW YOU OUT. In fact, I’ve found I’ve gotten more blowouts online than in person, however… 1) There is NO approach anxiety (obviously, you’re just pressing the “send” button 2) There’s not real sense of rejection because it’s just a fucking computer… 3) You can just SEND MORE to MORE girls. Trust me some will bite.

Now online is a little different simply because it’s all words, but if you escalate slowly but surely, and just make her mind convinced that you guys “click”, you’ll be fucking her within the week, I guarantee.


Finishing up, I want you guys to really heed what I’m saying about FOCUSING your ATTENTION on the avenues that bring women into your life and always replenishing them. Find new bars, social circles, websites, book clubs, trivia nights, game nights, whatever to GET THIS SHIT HANDLED. And “keep on keeping on”. And you’ll be fine.

Peace and love all!
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Random responses to a post...

1) Do you open every set, or just whatever set the minute you get in, or do you "selectively choose" who to open?
Well, this is of course a matter of personal preference but, me personally, I probably end up more like the guys you are talking about. I get a couple drinks, read the room, see who is the wild bunch, see where the hotties are and what their demeanor is like, chill with my homies, and open about a 2-3 sets. Don't get this confused with choding though... the difference between me and most guys, and what I want for you guys, is that I actually DO open the fucking sets when I decide I'm going to. I definitely "wait" for opportunities to arise, but if I'm in the venue for more than 20 mins. and have NOT opened a set, or talked to someone... I JUST CAVE IN AND OPEN WHATEVER CHICK/BOUNCER/CHODE/GUY/GIRL I SEE. This is really my point with this whole thread... It's more important to simply MEET NEW PEOPLE than anything else. But yea, I take my time a bit, I don't just do "warm-up sets" and shit really, but if I fuck my first couple sets up (pretty common), I assume it's 'cause I'm "warming up"... if that makes sense...

2) How long do you stay in set?
Again, this is VERY circumstantial, but generally I set the goal with every set I open of simply crossing "the social hook point". That's really my only goal. After that, I could really care less how the set goes, so if the girl strikes me as a bitch, or is trying to blow me out, I'll just leave. Then again, sometimes I just keep plowing to practice that. I run all sets all ways...

You see, for me, I realize that 90% of "the game" is just presenting yourself with more opportunities and reference experiences to meet new women. That's fucking it. If you meet 10-15 new women a week (as I do), things will fall into place... if you have some basic knowledge of like, kino's, IOI's, when to make the "move" for the kiss/fuck, whatever... like I said it WILL happen.

With that being said, I just play each set by ear. I don't normally "stay as LONG as I can"... that would be a waste of time. If the girls are clearly not opening up... I can just open another set and the girls might be cooler. It's precisely BECAUSE I have an abundance mentality that I don't need to "PLOW EVERY SET INTO THE GROUND"... I'd rather just have some good convo with cool people and say that I TRIED with 10 sets, then run 5 shitty/annoying/bitchy sets into the ground on a Friday... then again that's me.

3) Barhopping Logistics
Yes, this is a very strange subject... often, my buddies/crew will not be doing well with SOME sets in a venue and say to bar hop, and I usually (sometimes reluctantly) follow along... missing many GOOD opportunities for the sets at the CURRENT venue. This is just part of the circumstantial nature of the game. Like I said... the game is purely situational... with that being said, it is a GOOD idea in my eyes to venue bounce if you feel like the venue/sets are stale. Don't freak yourself out being like, "NO!! PUA SAYS I SHOULD OPEN EVERY SET 'TIL IT'S DONE!!!" Fuck that... just have fun and be sure to open 2-3 sets every time you go out. It'll come to you.

I usually hit 2-3 venues every night I go out, meh, it's whatever


Lastly, yeah man... it's really about your goals. My personal goal in PUA this year is to have 12 f-closes by the end of year (1 new girl a month on average). Right now it's the 8th month of the year and I'm at 7, so I have like 3 weeks to stay on pace... that's really my only concern... and to open mad sets. Like I said, if you set a manageable goal like that... one set here, two blown sets there, mean NOTHING. I'm just focusing on getting better at the game, meeting new people, and staying to my goal.

K.I.S.S. = Keep it simple, stupid
1 Comments | 2,148 Views absolute REFUSAL to not be opening at least 2-3 sets every time you go out... join trivia nights, make a book club, what the fuck EVER... go to rock concerts from bands you like and open 2-3 sets about the band. It works, man, trust me, I do it. Seriously 90% of my game that I've ever accrued (after being in this game for about a year and a half now and quadrupling the amount of ass I've been able to rake in) has come simply from the fact that I'M THE GUY WHO MEETS *NEW* WOMEN EVERY TIME I GO OUT. BE THAT GUY.

This is not me trying to brag at all. Far from it. I'm giving you the holy grail secret to this pickup shit. You must overload your senses/games/minds/hearts with *opportunities for new women to come into your life*... the only way to do this is OPEN/MEET MORE CHICKS THAN THE MAN TO YOUR RIGHT OR YOUR LEFT. If you don't want ALOT of women in your life, fine... puss out and blame it on "AA" or whatever limiting belief crap you fuck yourself over with. Or, you can just ignore that and KEEP opening.

I have resigned myself to the fact I will NEVER stop opening for the rest of my life. As long as I'm out, I'm meeting people (preferably hot, virile young women... but there are alot of cool dudes/wingmen to meet in the world/while out as well... no homo haha).

Seriously, it's that simple.

Other than that... just...

1) Kino alot
2) Plow
3) Make a move, even if it costs you the set/night/girl... it's better to follow the principles than the initial results
4) Don't be yourself up about one set/girl/night, just rinse and repeat
5) Always ask for the number


If you follow that number one guiding principle, and lightly implement those 5 other things... you WILL have your first PUA-related F-CLOSE within 6 months. Guaranteed.
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This is taken from a response I made in a thread recently... some important concepts to think about, fellas...

1. Biology - A woman's emotional circuitry is fine-tuned to be attracted, seek, and replicate (i.e. FUCK) with guys that represent SURVIVAL VALUE
Now anyone familiar with Mister E's work with know this sounds right out of his playbook, but this CRUCIAL, and it's VERY important to always remember that this is where a vast majority of "the game" and the ability to do things like 1) fuck girls with BFs 2) bang MILFs 3) bang entire CREWS of girls 4) bang chicks in public places and so on a so forth can happen. This is why "assholes" can manipulate women and get away with it. It's because of a biological "misfiring" of sorts... to explain in slightly deeper detail what's happening is the women's emotions are saying "FIND MALE WHO WILL HELP ME SURVIVE"... the prototypical "ASSHOLE" or "player" is a SATURATED version of all these things 1) he is confident 2) he has other women in his life 3) he is independent (i.e., he doesn't give a fuck), and so on. So when a woman cheats on her BF, or whatever... it is because IT IS BIOLOGICALLY ESSENTIAL TO A WOMAN'S SURVIVAL TO CONTINUOUSLY MATE WITH MEN WITH TRAITS SHE OR MORE SPECIFICALLY HER EMOTIONS DICTATE AS POWERFUL, ALPHA, W/E.

2. "The Nice Guy Syndrome" - "Nice" guys get labelled as such not because what they are doing is not objectively NICE... but because they take "nice" actions with an "agenda" behind them... which is ultimately to have SEX or to gain ATTRACTION
Credit to CX for illuminating this for me... basically what this means is that "NICE" guys get labelled as such precisely because he BUYING HER FLOWERS BECAUSE HE WANTS TO FUCK HER. Or, alternatively, he is buying her flowers because he is catching ONE-ITIS, and really doing these nice things not because he actually appreciates that girl, but to fill a "hole" he has within himself, and has begun to go into the state of "mental hypnosis" known as one-itis, and is expressing it as if it was simply a "nice" thing to do. Either way, don't be fooled (because girls NEVER are...) NICE GUYS ALWAYS HAVE AN AGENDA. Very unattractive.

3. Lastly, some advice: JUST DON'T CHODE - Be a "good guy", respectful, cool, humble but don't chode yourself out so that you come off like a "nice guy"
You know, I'm a "nice guy" too at heart... I like people, I want to be respectful to everyone, and just generally "cool about shit"... so the way I've worked it, now that I know the two other concepts I was just talking about it... is that I GIVE THE APPEARANCE OF BEING AN "ASSHOLE/ALPHA" TRAITS AT THE RIGHT MOMENTS, I.E. FOR BUILDING ATTRACTION... AND THEN I PULL BACK INTO MY GOOD GUY, NICE GUY FRAME for the the rest of the time... i.e. when in comfort, or when we're just chilling. This is a difficult thing to get good at, and I'm still working on it... but that's pretty much how a "nice guy" can BYPASS being nice, but also flipping the script so that your girlfriend doesn't get banged by James Dean... And you CANNOT, under any circumstances chode/supplicate/qualify too much... because you already are genuinely a nice guy, you will come off doubly as a if you give the impression of being an asshole/"outlaw biker", and then slip back to chodey faggotry after you've banged her... I've made that mistake, and it NEVER works... you might even lose her friendship if you chode too hard. So it's important to watch that.

Just some ideas to throw in the mix...
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