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 OK guys....Since I've decided that im going to post on here every day that i am out I going to write in todays one now...but im going to keep it quite short.

The day started off really shitty, as I was at work and felt really dizzy and like I was about to collapse. Was taken to hospital by ambulance, seen by the doctor and told to take my blood pressure medicine !! (which I hate...i hate all medicine...!!)

So anyway am driving back home thinking of resting tonight when my friend calls me and tells me that he's going out to a few late night galleries open on the first thursday of every month (ie. today..)

I think about it for a while and think...well i should be resting since I've just left hospital...but...fuck it....where hot arty girls are involved...resting is not really on the cards....

So we hit up the galleries together. Catch up for a bit with him as I havent seen him for  while and he's a really cool guy. I start talking to a woman by a painting bantering "are you part of that painting...adding to the special effects..." We get talking a bit, find out she's the mother of an artist leaves soon.

Second a girl with...."hey, what do you think about that painting" all time favourite line for art galleries. She tells me what she thinks and asks for my opinion. I give her some things that come to me there and then and we talk for a while until her friend drags her away.

We then realise we've pretty much talked to all the girls in that gallery so walk across to another one across the road. 

And this is my best and last convo with a girl of the night. I look at a picture of men posing in weird poses around me. I open the girl next to me with "hey...dont you think that guy looks just like the guy from Baywatch"...she hasnt heard of it since shes from Austria but she seems quite fun and we carry on talking. What im trying to do today is mixing connecting and bantering together...rather than the usual banter, banter, banter, connect, connect, connect, which I usually do, I try to do something more along the lines of banter, connect, banter, connect....

It seems to work really well. I start to add in some sexuality. I make strong eye contact and ask her what shes up to in the weekend...she tells me she's with her mum....i tell her i want to see her before she leaves (on monday...again with strong dominant eye contact)...she giggles and tells me that shes fine with that except she has to see her mum...i banter saying...we'll all sit in a coffee shop and when i hit on her, her mum can beat me up with her austrian boots...blah blah...

anyway ended up in a really fun convo...and made me realise the importance of having that strong dominant eye contact...bantering...and trying to connect too...

peace y'all....too tired to write any more

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