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 OK guys....Since I've decided that im going to post on here every day that i am out I going to write in todays one now...but im going to keep it quite short.

The day started off really shitty, as I was at work and felt really dizzy and like I was about to collapse. Was taken to hospital by ambulance, seen by the doctor and told to take my blood pressure medicine !! (which I hate...i hate all medicine...!!)

So anyway am driving back home thinking of resting tonight when my friend calls me and tells me that he's going out to a few late night galleries open on the first thursday of every month (ie. today..)

I think about it for a while and think...well i should be resting since I've just left hospital...but...fuck it....where hot arty girls are involved...resting is not really on the cards....

So we hit up the galleries together. Catch up for a bit with him as I havent seen him for  while and he's a really cool guy. I start talking to a woman by a painting bantering "are you part of that painting...adding to the special effects..." We get talking a bit, find out she's the mother of an artist leaves soon.

Second a girl with...."hey, what do you think about that painting" all time favourite line for art galleries. She tells me what she thinks and asks for my opinion. I give her some things that come to me there and then and we talk for a while until her friend drags her away.

We then realise we've pretty much talked to all the girls in that gallery so walk across to another one across the road. 

And this is my best and last convo with a girl of the night. I look at a picture of men posing in weird poses around me. I open the girl next to me with "hey...dont you think that guy looks just like the guy from Baywatch"...she hasnt heard of it since shes from Austria but she seems quite fun and we carry on talking. What im trying to do today is mixing connecting and bantering together...rather than the usual banter, banter, banter, connect, connect, connect, which I usually do, I try to do something more along the lines of banter, connect, banter, connect....

It seems to work really well. I start to add in some sexuality. I make strong eye contact and ask her what shes up to in the weekend...she tells me she's with her mum....i tell her i want to see her before she leaves (on monday...again with strong dominant eye contact)...she giggles and tells me that shes fine with that except she has to see her mum...i banter saying...we'll all sit in a coffee shop and when i hit on her, her mum can beat me up with her austrian boots...blah blah...

anyway ended up in a really fun convo...and made me realise the importance of having that strong dominant eye contact...bantering...and trying to connect too...

peace y'all....too tired to write any more

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Guys, sorry but this is going to be a really long post so please embrace yourselves. I wanted to write a big write up so that I could let everyone know about my true experience and hopefully help as many people as I can out!!


Well let me start here then, I've just finished my Bootcamp with Ozzie, and let me tell you, it was one of the toughest, challenging, yet exciting time I've had in all my was very emotional, and scary, and I guess I'm proud to say that I've actually survived it. I very much doubt if any of my friends who I know could have just gone through the shit I just have.

Let me start you all off with a little bit about me then. I'm a 24 year old Asian male in a wheelchair, I haven't been able to walk by birth, and I've pretty much grown up in London my whole life. I've just recently got into the community, and this is my third Bootcamp.
My first was with PUA Training and then I did the Charm School Bootcamp.
Now I'm not going to slag off any other company in this post, but I guess I took the RSD Bootcamp because I felt like I still hadn't got all of what I completely wanted out of the ones I'd taken previously. Although they did help me improve my confidence women, I felt it was still lacking in other ways.

So let me tell you the story from the beginning.

I'm going to warn everyone that I'm going to be completely honest here, about the instructor, programme, and everything in general, so if I offend anyone then I'm sorry but this is just how I felt.
I don't feel like I owe anything to RSD, Charm School, PUA Training, or anyone for that matter. They wouldn't have given me anything if I hadn't paid them, so I owe it to everyone to tell it like it is!!
After all, these Bootcamps aren’t very cheap are they guys?

On with the story then.

My RSD Bootcamp was supposed to be in late August but when Ozzie saw that I was in a Wheelchair he said that he felt like I would benefit more from a 1 on 1 Bootcamp rather than in a group because of my different situation. He felt like it would have been unfair on the other student as well, since more attention would be required for me, hence giving less to them. He offered me one on one training for the same price as a Bootcamp due to my situation on another week. I really had no choice but to accept!!

Now I have to admit when I was driving back to my house in August after having been told to go like that, I was FUCKING FUMING!!!....At RSD, at Ozzie, everyone. I felt really enraged for being treated differently like that, and to be honest really sad and hurt that they had treated me like this!
So as soon as I went home I immediately sent Stewart (an RSD employee) a long emotional e-mail highlighting my displeasure, anger, and sorrow at the way I felt like I was treated by RSD. To my surprise Stewart called me quickly afterwards.

Stewart explained to me that he talked to Ozzie, and that the only reason Ozzie had done this was because he felt that in order for me to get maximum benefit out of a Bootcamp, I needed individual attention, focus and tailoring. He explained how this was already done to another handicapped student before (with 2 instructors for him instead!!) and how that benefited him greatly.
Now I have to admit, when he told me the story about the other student I partly understood. I remembered back to previous Bootcamps where the instructors left me pretty much on my own in clubs, maybe because they thought that environment was too hard for me in a wheelchair. This also hurt me greatly.
I realised that RSD were actually taking the initiative to try to fully help me and other students gain the best out of Bootcamps, rather than just taking the money and seeing it through best they can.
So I then changed my mind of asking for a full refund, and decided to re-schedule!!! It was in hindsight, a great decision.


So here we are back to the 16-10-09 in a restaurant in the middle of Leicester Square with just me and Ozzie. Ozzie did the usual introductions and asked me what I was expecting, at the same time telling me all his expectations.
I was quite scared when he told me the rules, namely:

1) You can’t say "I won't do that"
2) You can't say "I don't know what to say"
3) You’re not going to be treated any differently just because you’re in a wheelchair.
4) You pretty much have to do everything I say or your out of the Bootcamp!!!

I was actually really pleased when he told me rule 3. Living in a world where people see my chair and instantly see me as different, or less able, to be told that I was equally as capable as others and that no one would feel sorry for me made me feel really content, and in a way proud that he understood. I was finally being accepted for who I was.
Now I have to say, all of the Bootcamps I'd gone to previous were pretty lenient. They usually allowed me to decided who to approach, what opener to open with, and I only opened when I felt comfortable.
So when I was given orders like this I was taken quite aback, and fearful to a certain extent I guess.
But I think I knew deep down that this was the only way I was going to actually grow and improve. If I had that choice, I wouldn't have done it. RSD DID NOT give me that choice.............and because of that....AND ONLY....because of that, I GREW !!

Ozzie gave me a talk about fear, and how fear stops us from being ourselves and being able to function properly. It was all inner game stuff. All about states of fear and how they are reduced greatly with exposure.
There was hardly anything on outer game. I wasn’t told what to say, nothing on body language or anything like that. It was just purely about inner game.
Initially this did really annoy me, and I still think to a certain extent that an RSD Bootcamp can be improved so much more if they just include a bit of outer game on it. Not necessarily canned material (I HATE canned material!!!) but just tips on how to carry a conversation with women, and how to get her to open up (like Juggler does in the Charm School Bootcamps).
But I think what RSD are trying to do is to let your real self out through exposure. You will FIND what to say as long as you are comfortable enough in the situation. You will only be comfortable enough in the situation if you EXPOSE yourself to it enough times.
In essence that’s what an RSD Bootcamp gives you. Countless amounts of exposure that will break you so much, when you reform (after the Bootcamp) you simple won’t be the same person you were. I assure you of this ladies and gentleman (I think more gentleman than ladies!!).

Then came our first drill. I began to feel the fear radiate through my body.

He made me talk about myself from one side of the street (where I was) to the other (where he was) in the middle of a busy Leicester Sq street. I WAS SHITTING MYSELF!! Talking about myself loudly on a busy Friday night street in the middle of Leicester Square was some I'd NEVER done before and NEVER planned to do. I felt so awkward at all the people just staring at me. I was the ultimate Outkast, Weirdo, Madman, take your pick ! I just wanted to run away somewhere and never come back.
I began to wish I'd never taken that Bootcamp. This wasn't the only time I felt like this by the way. I felt like this right throughout the Bootcamp.
So why didn't I just give up and go home?? PRIDE....thats why!! I would have been more hurt going home a coward and not even trying rather than failing and going home knowing I'd at least TRIED....

Then he moved it further. I had to stand in the MIDDLE of the square and talk to him again about myself. This time he was standing a lot further away and I had to talk much much louder.
“ Hi my name is Thiru and I’ve just finished my masters degree, I consider myself to be quite a calm relaxed person……..” FUCKKKK….
I was PISSED!! I felt so embarrassed and exposed. I felt like the world was just closing in on me. I started swearing in the middle of my sentences to highlight my anger. Ozzie told me I’d have to sing the national anthem if I continued to use such profanity. I THEN STOPPED!!

Then came opening sets.
Ozzie opened a couple making out in the middle of the street with “Hey guys, is Leicester Square actually a square??”, and to my amazement, the set blew open. I then opened countless groups with that opener and was amazed at how I could still generate long conversations with almost nothing.
I’d done daygame on my own before, but I only opened women on their own. I guess I couldn’t handle the thought of rejection from more than just one person. Imagining people laughing about me after I tried a pathetic opening on them was more than I could ever handle. NO MORE!!
Ozzie made me open couples, groups, everyone!!
It was a real eye opener of how just simple opening set with almost nothing (I mean come on!! “Is Leicester Sqaure really a square!?” and continuing to talk for a while can make them warm up to you.
Whatever you do guys DON’T go there firing questions!! That will just get you rejected. Go in at first just talking and talking, eventually they’ll hook onto something.

Then came Nightgame

We hit Clapham High Street. We started off in a Clapham Salsa Bar where to my amazement a really fit girl started rubbing her arse on my crotch. She was HOT!! Man… soldiers were ready to march and shoot!!
Ozzie later told me that I projected an insecure mood to her, and because of that she later left. I tried grabbing her, but I don’t think I was firm or confident enough.
You see the thing with me is when hot girls come to dance with me in clubs usually think they just do it because they feel sorry for me. I don’t even comprehend the fact that it could be because they think I’m good looking, look confident, or any other reason. This is something I MUST CHANGE.
Ozzie told me that I gave off a naturally confident vibe, and that girl was just trying to get my acceptance. I felt like such a for missing that opportunity. I mean, SHE OPENED ME for fucks sake!!

I then got talking to a girl and had a really great conversation with her. She actually told me in the end that she thought I was really bubbly, and one of the most exciting people she’d ever talked to. I was melting inside. I think I conveyed my flattery too transparently, which came off again as insecure. She actually held my hand!!! I didn’t know what to do. Sexually I’m very inexperienced, and I think this was displayed too openly to the girl. The set blew. Fuck it, at least I got this far. Onto to the next one.

We then moved onto another club, where I opened a hot blond with her man. She pretty much ignored me so I started talking to the guy. As I became more friendly with him, she began to open up much more to me. In the end I was in the middle of the dance floor with two hot blondes and the guy kneeling down to talk to me.
Ozzie said I looked like a stud!!
Although I didn’t realise it at the time, I guess I did achieve so much that day. I didn’t realise I could hold good conversations with women for so long until then. The night finished with me opening lots of sets and hooking.

But with no physical escalation that was it!! It was just a good conversation. Not a good conversation that led to a kiss close, or sex. Just a good conversation!
Oh well, something is better than nothing eh guys? This was only day ONE after all.

Ozzie told me at the end of the night that he would focus much more on physical escalation tomorrow, and that for the night I had done more than enough.

So that was it. I was relieved the night had ended, and questioned of I could continue like this for another two days!!
“Are you mad Thiru?” said a voice in my head. “You HAVE to continue, you paid a grand for this bloody thing!!, stop being such a fucking pussy!!”

On the way back I’d like to tell you all about something I saw.
Goran, an intern of Ozzie’s who came with us to the club, on the way back to my car randomly locked hands with a girl who just got out of a cab.
I think she was taken aback but shocked at his utter balls. She said herself “You have got balls the size of (some big country)”.
She had the whole “man I could fuck you right here” look in her eyes. But I think her “I don’t want to look like a whore” side kicked in after that. DAMN THAT SIDE!!

This experience made me realize something really important, and I want to share it with you guys.
This game is based all on BALLS!! It is about how much courage and confidence we convey to the women, and based on THAT she will decide whether to accept or reject us.
She could have easily slapped him, screamed, or even kicked him in the balls!! I’m sure he was aware of this.
But he didn’t let it deter him. Why? Because he’d been exposed so many times to rejection after rejection that it just didn’t bother him anymore.

That’s what we all need in this game guys. We need to go out there and get rejected by people so many times, and it should hurt so badly inside that after a while, IT MEANS NOTHING.


I think with this attitude, girls will be ALL OVER you. But it’s not something you can fake guys, no matter how hard you try or what anyone tells you. It’s something that’s deeply inside of us.

Just go out into the street and get rejected again and again and again. Each time you feel that pain remind yourself how powerful you actually are.
Think about this guys… many people you know CAN ACTUALLY DO WHAT YOU JUST DID. How many guys do you know have the BALLS TO DO WHAT YOU DID.
I can’t really say I know anyone, can you? How’s that guys?? Feel powerful now??

Anyway that’s all for today ladies and gentleman. Day 2 analysis will be coming soon.
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