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1. Have good intentions - whenever you approach someone specially a girl, have good intentions, this means that you have to believe that you are a complete human been, full of happiness and positive vibes, you are talking to someone not to get no kind of validation nor food for ego, but to spread that joy and completion you have as a person, that’s why you always heard that you should be yourself, that’s filling your range of expression and hoping that the person you are talking to can be sucked into your reality, the reality of someone that thinks that the girl is better talking to you than by herself.
 2. Assume attraction - in order to have attraction you actually need to assume it, is basically having the sense that you are enough for the person you are approaching, so no need to impress in your interaction but express all emotions you have at the conversation, letting someone to know you is letting you off of outcome dependence and mind setting yourself in a frame of equal value with that person, so, if you like yourself you are certainly enough. 3. Be self amused - Self amusement is one of the basics principles of attraction and arousal, in order to get your journey and your game going you have to enjoy yourself, amuse your own mind in a way that any type of outcome is not needed, be loud, unapologetic, congruent in your intent and enjoy yourself around others, and of course around girls. 4. Don’t judge - People are here to be loved not to be understood, so basically you can´t judge anyone because you don’t know them entirely, a common mistake in life is judge some girl either because she became into you quickly or because she didn’t, or for any other reason, never ever judge, you don’t know what that person has been through, you might never, and most important point, don’t judge yourself, when you judge your own self you will do the same with others. 5.Develop empathy – Having empathy is the ability to put yourself in the position of others, with girls it function in the same way, calibrating your expressions and making your thoughts and words worthy for others, understanding what she might be feeling and not setting your mind in a selfish frame, in other words avoid being selfish and love the interaction not by what you can get out of it but what you can put into it.
 6. Be patient – Time is your best friend in life, because it is certainly complete related to it, while you are alive you have time, so take your time to develop your interactions, don’t rush yourself with no girls, relay on the fact that your are good enough and you don’t need it to work, but also because you have empathy and you are self amuse you know that patience is the last key to achieve that conquer. 7. Lead – A man must always lead, if you know where you going is easier for you to reach, go accordingly with want you really want, but you have to know what you want in other to get there, take her by her hand and go, no hesitation, LEAD !! -Man up-
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