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 So I had gone to Orlando, FL with a couple wings and went out to several of the clubs and bars downtown.  After doing a few BS warmup sets, I noticed that some of these girls thought I was hitting on them.  Even though I had absolutely no interest in them whatsoever.

There have been several times when a girl I know or just met automatically assumes something about a person when pretty much everyone else is the same way.  For example one girl I know who works as a gogo dancer was telling me about how a lot of gogo dancers do not get much respect from the people she dances for.  I Lol'd at her explanation of what happens and she thought I was being disrectful.  Though I had to explain that I just thought it was silly how her employers do things.  I didn't mean any disrespect at all.

This happens with girls who are constantly being approached by guys.  If everyone hits on her, she will automatically assume that you are too.  Regardless of what you say or are really trying to do with your approach.  So if you go up to a couple girls at the bar and say, "Hi guys!"  They will interpret this as "I want to fuck you."

This will help make things sexual by default.  At least from her perspective and keeping this in mind during your approach will help you keep the interaction sexual by nature.  Something a lot of the instructors like to drill into our heads when they talk about "Man to Woman" interaction.

So if you go up and talk to an attractive girl, know that she will already understand the reason behind your approach.  And so should you.
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