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School starts for me September 6. I will do 100 approaches, no matter what it takes. I really need a clearly defined goal. I've read and know way more than I need to know. Then again, I don't know if you could say there is a cap on knowledge but anyhow.

I guess there is really no choice other than a mall and bookstore which is conveniently a 15 minute drive from my place. Even then, the numbers I can approach at either location aren't exactly great and numerous.


This will help me for college, so much.
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This is a recap of a loose memo of sorts I've kept till now.

I started reading into the pick up stuff late June of 2009 when I just felt terrible not knowing how to go past a basic convo with a worker chick who I felt a spark with - it was mutual.  Started checking out The Game (like everyone else did), progressed to Mystery and the tricks and tactics. Then moved onto more natural stuff. And now I'm checking out the identity stuff. I will more than likely progress to other pscyhological books of the self help nature line.

- Concert. Should've approached. Girls were looking over and smiling at me and friend.

- Wow. First approach in my life. I'm 18. Better late than never. Just at Kohl's, I had to pace myself a few times and finally approached the 6 and did the female opinion opener on the shoes I tried on. It was some worker lady. I ejected ASAP, didn't even introduce my name. A little I just said some small comment, some response but I was in a rush to leave.

- 7 opportunities, 2 of which were repeats. Approached 0. Feel like I've read too much theory and no doing.
- Even gave Craiglists a look, mainly for LOL's.

- Epic fail, I was at the mall. Girls were giggling at my shirt. I came off aggressive/threatening because I'm usually not use to the attention. I stopped getting that melting feeling inside after, but I still haven't approached.

- Could've approached one but didn't.

- I really started to notice myself dragging out a conversation and pushing it. It was just small talk with the physical therapist. Hm, I did not make moves.

- Concert. Talked to the two people who sat next to me, but when she shit tested me like "Heyyy what are you doing tonight?" I just want ehhhhhhhhhhh i don't know...... bad. I should've opened other sets.

- Did not approach girl at gym, should have. She even looked over after I glanced over. Distance was kind of far but still.

- Did not approach.

- Rap show. 0 approaches. This chick was blatantly looking at me, like a 9, but I was with friends and just felt it was, yeah, I pussied out.
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