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Fail-o. I siked myself out so hard at the mall. Had like 10 approaches I could've done. Did none.

I'm going to go out today. I refuse to chode out. I'll take it one at a time.
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 it's ok, at least you went out.  If you can't do a real approach, just say hi and call it a day, or go a step further and ask for the time.  Ask a girl what men's clothing store she likes.  Warm up by talking to the starbucks girls, or other hired help, they are paid to be nice to you.   Try on some clothes, have fun start feeling comfortable in the mall.   These are just some tips to lower the mental barrier.   You don't have to be an approach king on day 1.  There will always be bad days, push yourself, and do easier things first to warm up.  Again congratulations on going out, that's the first step. 
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The Jackal

The Jackal

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That line asking her what mens clothing store she likes is a great opener.  Maybe after she answers you can be bold and say you don't know where it is and if she can walk you there?
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Oh crap, didn't even know people responded and checked it out. Hey guys.

No I'm not like socially retarded or anything. I know what's going on but I've been so conditioned to not talk to strangers that well,'s uncomfortable. But I got that figured out at least.

Went to Boston with a friend...talked to random strangers...didn't really get deep but did get semi comfortable. Still feel a good deal stifled at times.

I'll go for the mall, I got time - all of about 2 weeks and anything I do will only help.

It was kind of hard to open up sometimes with 2 people, like I did feel I was lingering more so than my bud.
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