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Yeah, the majority of my friends left to college. It was kind of weird, but the whole like college thing is really kicking in now. I hate to sound like a depressing bastard, but I did note this in my last blog. I think my bouts of depersonalization/derealization are coming again. One hand, I feel like I know exactly everything to do yet some artificial thing in my body, however real it is - is stifling me. Perhaps, it was because I was with my Dad and the incentive just wasn't there. Or the times I was with my friends. Wow, I caught myself with more excuses.

Whatever, I'm going to chill out but at the same time have a general direction to go in.

Got this from 4chan actually, some guy posted....I'll put myself on the line in college and whatever, just step out of the comfort zone. It's about fucking time, anyhow.

"I was in your exact position 2 years ago right before freshman year in college. Believe me the shit you read WILL help you, heres some advice.

Go to as many parties as possible.
Talk to EVERYONE don't be afraid.
Show girls your interested in them but don't NEED them.
Rejection WILL happen but don't let it phase you.
Be confident
When your talking with a girl or group of girls NEVER and I mean NEVER let the conversation go quiet just BLURT something random if you run out of things to say. Be prepared to talk for 30 minutes straight if you have to.

I was the skinny virgin that was pretty much looked at in high school as the guy that will never get girls. But when I entered college I got girls left and right. Use college as your fresh reset (you don't get many of these in life)"
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