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College starts tomorrow, I'm pretty much done packing...just need to get my sweaters/jackets, underwear and all that good stuff. I'm not sure how many pairs to bring but whatever, I'll figure out how to do laundry when I get there.

I hung at in Boston on Thursday with this chill ass guy. We talked up a few strangers but nothing major happened. It really is hard to get a stranger to keep a stranger for long, chances are they have things to do...

I'm going to be a social and cool guy at school and talk to whoever I can, well not everyone everyone because that's just overkill. I think I'm good, I got lots to talk about~ish. I can't let the part of my character come out and end up choding it HARDCORE. I mean it's either I don't convey my personality or meet hotties, so yeah. That's the way to go.

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