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I mean there are girls who remember my name on my floor but I never remember these. Likewise with girls from my classes. I'm still kind of quiet by my own standards, but I did get comfortable and am talkative once I get to know the person well. I usually have people come in and rarely venture too far out.

I have this annoying ass friend from high school who I don't want to hang out with. I've told him implicitly and indirectly to go away and he still doesn't take what I say seriously. I mean I'm just a chill, low key guy and may come off awkward at times but he just is much more worse so it emphasizes it.

I've got two numbers but both girls asked then, they weren't that great but whatever...

I could have pushed for more numbers, and I should honestly scout out study buddies in my classes but I haven't quite done that yet. There's always that MOMENT where I'm going to do it then just end up, "Uh....forget it". I need to barrel through that shit because it's just lame and if I keep this up, the only I'll ever get is the one in my hands. I usually aim for what I consider shy/quiet and cute girls.

I'll report back within the week.
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