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I need to push that interaction I have, and set up some shit and have something come of it.

I should really just plant the seeds, basically not get the action but just set it up for later. That would be key.

I just feel so stifled and low energy, I'm not sure if I'm still facing the social tension or whether its just me not getting enough sleep. Either way, I need to break out of this.

The class study buddies would be perfect. It's like there's some invisible wall separating me and the girl I want to approach. I need to break out of my shell a little more so, but it is easier said than done.
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I mean there are girls who remember my name on my floor but I never remember these. Likewise with girls from my classes. I'm still kind of quiet by my own standards, but I did get comfortable and am talkative once I get to know the person well. I usually have people come in and rarely venture too far out.

I have this annoying ass friend from high school who I don't want to hang out with. I've told him implicitly and indirectly to go away and he still doesn't take what I say seriously. I mean I'm just a chill, low key guy and may come off awkward at times but he just is much more worse so it emphasizes it.

I've got two numbers but both girls asked then, they weren't that great but whatever...

I could have pushed for more numbers, and I should honestly scout out study buddies in my classes but I haven't quite done that yet. There's always that MOMENT where I'm going to do it then just end up, "Uh....forget it". I need to barrel through that shit because it's just lame and if I keep this up, the only I'll ever get is the one in my hands. I usually aim for what I consider shy/quiet and cute girls.

I'll report back within the week.
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This still feels like a chill vacation, and academics hasn't really kicked in, even though I just attended my first class just a while ago.

I haven't really talked to many kids, but I've made a few friends. I haven't got number closes (not for girls at least), I just I don't know...I'm not pushing for them for some reason. I usually eject before I should...

There's this one chick who's shy and cute, and I mean I met her the first day and that was it. She's on my floor so I got to find sometime.

I did go to this frat party and blew a few sets but hey, I tried and learned as a result.

I'll get back and post when I can.
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College starts tomorrow, I'm pretty much done packing...just need to get my sweaters/jackets, underwear and all that good stuff. I'm not sure how many pairs to bring but whatever, I'll figure out how to do laundry when I get there.

I hung at in Boston on Thursday with this chill ass guy. We talked up a few strangers but nothing major happened. It really is hard to get a stranger to keep a stranger for long, chances are they have things to do...

I'm going to be a social and cool guy at school and talk to whoever I can, well not everyone everyone because that's just overkill. I think I'm good, I got lots to talk about~ish. I can't let the part of my character come out and end up choding it HARDCORE. I mean it's either I don't convey my personality or meet hotties, so yeah. That's the way to go.

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Wow. I couldn't fall asleep. I don't know what was on my mind, probably college...seeing as that is going to start this Sunday.

I've whacked it like 3 times already today...and they were pretty much dedicated to that Colombian playboy model, lol.

It was kind of neat on 4chan, some chill guy was posting and turns out he was looking to do this "PUA" thing in Boston. That's pretty legit. We're going to meet once before I head off to school...

I'm pretty pumped, my friends have been telling me how cool it was to just walk up to girls and they were totally expecting guys to come say hi. Hey, all that reading the past 2 months will come into use, lol...

Until then, I will update this later.
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Yeah, the majority of my friends left to college. It was kind of weird, but the whole like college thing is really kicking in now. I hate to sound like a depressing bastard, but I did note this in my last blog. I think my bouts of depersonalization/derealization are coming again. One hand, I feel like I know exactly everything to do yet some artificial thing in my body, however real it is - is stifling me. Perhaps, it was because I was with my Dad and the incentive just wasn't there. Or the times I was with my friends. Wow, I caught myself with more excuses.

Whatever, I'm going to chill out but at the same time have a general direction to go in.

Got this from 4chan actually, some guy posted....I'll put myself on the line in college and whatever, just step out of the comfort zone. It's about fucking time, anyhow.

"I was in your exact position 2 years ago right before freshman year in college. Believe me the shit you read WILL help you, heres some advice.

Go to as many parties as possible.
Talk to EVERYONE don't be afraid.
Show girls your interested in them but don't NEED them.
Rejection WILL happen but don't let it phase you.
Be confident
When your talking with a girl or group of girls NEVER and I mean NEVER let the conversation go quiet just BLURT something random if you run out of things to say. Be prepared to talk for 30 minutes straight if you have to.

I was the skinny virgin that was pretty much looked at in high school as the guy that will never get girls. But when I entered college I got girls left and right. Use college as your fresh reset (you don't get many of these in life)"
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I'm not so much pissed off at myself, but just disappointed. I went to the mall for 2 hours, there weren't many opportunities but regardless, there were still sets I could've opened.

I only really talked to a sale clerk, and that was it...and got a pair of pants but, shit.

I mean I know what to do, say. I'm not even sure if reading up on all the pick up stuff has helped. It's really only past the time for me and well, I'm conscious and aware of things that happen. I mean, well it was the first time I went out by myself (was weird at first) but that's not a valid excuse. I was semi comfortable at first, I mean I'm cool now.

I'm not going to beat myself up for it, but sigh, it is a bit of a disappointment.
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Fail-o. I siked myself out so hard at the mall. Had like 10 approaches I could've done. Did none.

I'm going to go out today. I refuse to chode out. I'll take it one at a time.
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I hate to be a man of excuses, but I was shopping with the family at Target and BJ's for college supplies. Doesn't help the girls are with their parents, too.


I'm going to force myself to sarge solo at a mall and bookstore tomorrow, and hopefully have fun and success.
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Was shopping for college stuff. Were many opportunities but I felt like my dad was going to cockblock me one way or another. Most girls were with their parents :(

Another day
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