Getting into the right frame

Yes, approached a handful today and had a fun - enoyable and relaxing day. Took the day off school to go to a local point of interest. Understood the complications, do you ever look up and see shadows hovering over. They speak a lot. Watching Bering Sea Gold Under the Ice - the first episode - loving it. Can someone please tell me why this is like this. So many guys fall victim to women that get there way every sentence they mutter out. They follow orders like a little by following instructions to whatever she is saying. "Can you just fix it or make my sandwich for me." We are in need of a valuable lesson and a life changer to realize how detrimental it is to do things in that sense because your going to go home a loser everytime. You are the one that determines how your night goes. Who gives a fuck about their damn shit tests and don't fucking give into their type of frame - always be present to the situation and give it your best because at the end of the night you can go home with a least 1 girl if you try and approach constantly during the night.  The odds are that you have found the woman who wants get laid that night if you do.

Today I approached about a dozen sets. I talked with a girl from Germany for about 30 minutes. I just kept talking to her. That is the key. Just keep the conversation going and when she gives you a reaction and starts talking for awhile you'll understand that she wants to do something.

She was nothing to great - about a HB 7 actually and got her number.  She wanted my phone to enter her number in. Seemed to show some interest and can probably see something happening with this one.

Opened one girl by commenting on her tatoo and we spoke about a movie with the same title as her tatoo. She was a Mexican about a 7 and ended the conversation with her not giving me her number. When you have those cross racial and cross culture boundaries it is tougher to get a number. Latinos and African-Americans are the toughest. I generally try and avoid them if the occasion arises that there is a caucasian woman. It is a bit discriminating but I've found it generally harder - with exception -  to get their numbers.  It really isn't about what I think about their skin color but it is more unlikely that they will be willing to do anything.

Opened a set by saying " I am bored - what are you guys doing?" and they were doing homework and spoked for about a minute exited out. Didn't feel that comfortable. What are you doing opener is a bit boring IMHO.
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