Getting into the right frame


Week 2 went decently, I learned a lot and I am improving day by day - I can feel it.

Some highlights include:

Figuring out how to stop woman safely as you are walking towards them.

One simple method I developed was the "Are you in my English class" routine.
Simply, stop them and ask if they are in your English class. If they keep making eye contact after there response and don't keep walking, than you keep going on about how you seemed to look like this person and then false time constraint. If they are still there after this than you can use whatever you want to keep the conversation going. One critical part about it is that you must keep talking and talk fast. Talking fast raises her buying temperature. I will keep the conversation going about how hard my semester has been and how much I am studying etc...

I am also using my camera to video interactions so I can use it to better develop my game and to show people my success. I simply put my video camera in my pocket of my shirt on my chest and it has a nice fit so its not too obvious.

I approached about 70-80 girls including the "Are you in my English class" opener. I got 8 numbers and I have a date on Wednesday supposedly. Hopefully she isn't flaking.

One funny story was that when I was sitting outside the library, I noticed two girls and walked by a couple times. I then saw them on a different part of campus and they opened me by asking if I was "in the Navy." I asked them why would I be in the Navy etc.. They were doing a scavenger hunt and were affiliated with a Christian group on campus. Long story short, they asked me to accept Jesus and  after talking to them about religion about six of members of the group then asked me to be in the "hotseat." This was a little strange. They surrounded me and they started getting these revelations about my life. They then proceeded to ask me about my relationship with my Father, and they tried to heal the pain in my neck. They all were pretty cool and I actually ended up accepting Jesus as my personal savior.
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