Getting into the right frame

Day Game Week 1

So, I am back after a year or so trying to cold approach pick-up. I am really loving the college setting and have been utilizing my status as a college student to engage in the opposite sex. It took me some time to get me back in the groove. I recognized my state was low at first and warmed-up with some fuglies but got a couple number closes from HB8's. Out of the fifteen hours or so I was walking around I approached ten girls. One of the numbers I got was from a chick in the library. She wants me to carpool with her since we live in the same town about an hour from campus. It would be pretty chodely in my opinion to do this so I am not going to call this one. They both had the same name of Crystal as well. Crystal #2 was a lot better looking than this girl. This girl is easily a 8.5 maybe 9. Not very tall but has it going everywhere. We are on for a study date if I approach her again after class.

So overall my result was terrible but it is Week 1 and I am slowly starting to get into it again. I need to be careful and study a lot as well. Just following beautiful woman and staring at their ass all day must be slowly  limited on a daily basis.
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