Getting into the right frame

I have finally trained my subconscious to act with these principles in mind during the course of the night. THANKS RSD FREE TOUR!!
- Harder to gain social momentum during the day.- Creating your own personal universe.- Act through your own intentions.- Pick up batting average is for newbs!- Screening for chemistry- Frame control
- Nice Vocal tonality/ Vocal Projection- Leading with intent- State Transference- Screening frame- Use lower HB’s to build social momentum/state- Mainstream society is in lower consciousness/fucking haze
- Make yourself vulnerable – natural congruent personality on the line- To get into trendy clubs (especially in LA) be cool- Make yourself real- Penetrate her “Wall of Politeness”-Use “racist” “throw me a way like a piece of trash”, Ill “Kill myself”- Never attracted to a woman.- Keep the set going- Shes going to all of the place and non-linearly minded- They want to speak to many guys, and are arousal seeking.- Keep going back into sets even if she ran away.Keep talking and don't quit- Sticking point, sticking point - A Degree of randomness- Don’t be a numbers hog- Do not be attracted by the HB’s- Be The Party- Day Game is like Night Game – Create the personal universe you love- Your opener doesn’t matter- Freedom from outcome
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