Getting into the right frame

Mall Game - Ta DA DA

3 hours of game - some highlights

- walked into guess clothing store(bar atmosphere) - sales floor "hello, are you looking for something" (an hb 8 as well)

me = "I was looking for you" as I start walking and she is walking with me, I put my h
ands on her shoulders and just take her to the back.
me = "I saw you in my dreams and this is suppose to happen" I get up in her face and she looks for her manager and we smile at each other and I don't pull the number. haha She was working - dadadada.

- hb 9 behind the counter - me = "Are you freaked out sometimes when guys that are alone spend a lot of time looking around in a womans only clothing store."
She agrees it is creepy and we talk about sizes of clothing for woman. I am here to buy my "niece" a sweater for the winter. IOI but she is working and gets called to do something.

Lesson of the day "It is harder to pull a womans number who is working"

Real approaches = no numbers = shitty mall day = chode = need to get out of this fucking hick town. LA LA LA.
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