Getting into the right frame

Well I stayed in set longer than I ever have - a lot longer. Is that a good thing? Yes and No. I am still trying to progress into the stop talking about pointless banter and get into the sticking point. The point where you begin to move parts of the set around.  I need to get better at isolating. Major eye contact with all of the woman I was talking to. God it is funny to notice how much of a difference women respond with my hair longer. They make more eye contact and smile a little more.

Walking past this chick (HB8). She looks at me when I look at her and gesture I need a free drink. I stopped her from following her friends and had some AMOG qualities but failed to kino and lost it in less than a minute.

Need more practice: KINO ESCALATION - I am at the point where I touch the shoulder and keep it there sometimes but the responses I get include: doing nothing, moving arm after about 15 seconds, etc.. Just emphasizing the dead end after physical arm touch. 

I just need to man up and get in there.

I opened a set and they started introducing themselves to me right afterwards. I open with "Can I join this conversation" and they looked at me stared for a little bit and then introduced themselves. God I love LA. I need to move here soon to begin my journey.

Opened a 2 set. Started saying my friend is in the band that is playing and we traveled 3 hours to play at this little point in L.A. just to appeal to your sense of belonging.  Very smart women I approached. One appartently recieved a 2200 on her SAT. Anyways, god damn it is such a nice relief to speak with intelligent and beautiful woman for the first time. Need to get the fuck out of Dodge.
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