Getting into the right frame

Well, I've been going out a lot and trying to stay active. I drink a lot of fruit and veggie juices during the day which helps out a lot when approaching and view talking to hot woman as an reward for this.

So I go out and do about fifteen approaches with just a simple hello,how's your day or who are you? I've noticed you must keep pushing the energy in these situations. If she is interested and responds with how are you, you continue.

You don't continue with something like "good" or "fine", these little one liners, but make sure you stop her and retort with a phrase that commands authority and is somewhat fun.

You need to have high energy when you do this and that is why I try and drink a lot of fruit juices which give that too me but everyone is different.

Command a deep and strong voice, your chances are a lot better when you have a strong and deeper voice with day game.

Lead the interacton by giving statement's of intent "We can go out sometime to this place" or "I need your number".

Don't ask questions. After the first question, don't ask another question. If they have a boyfriend or a husband than they will tell you.

A lot of people ask whether you should get the number or go for an insta-date?

To reduce flakiness its obvious you should try and always get an insta-date and then take the number if they are busy at the moment.

A lot of times high valued woman will be busy but once in a great while they won't.

Being fit helps as well. Looks do matter to a small degree but shouldn't hinder you from approaching because it is so random.
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