Getting into the right frame

 Well this week wasn't too great in terms of success. I didn't go out though so that probably was why I didn't have much success. I've been studying for midterms lately.

I had a study date with a HB 8. She seemed like she didn't really understand what was going on in the class etc.. and so I really didn't try to talk about the material we were studying. I can say she was enagaging and is into me though. She lives about an hour away so it would be hard to go over to her house unless I am at college. That is one thing that I dislike about living so far away from college. You need to have that easy access.
Week 3
It is Saturday night and I am staying in like a chode muncher. I need to start driving down to Los Angeles for the weekend if I can next semester. If anyone games and reads this wants to go out than send me a message. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive though so I am not really looking forward to that part but I might go on Thursday night if I don't have a class Friday and living out of my car. Hang out during the day hopefully at her house or a friends. We will see where this goes but I don't count on it.

My game to date has included sex about 4 times over the past 3 months. I am not too successfull. The one time I did have sex was on a day 2 when we went for a bike ride and she brought stuff to make a picnic. I was feeling it and we went to a golf course and stayed there for a while. Talk about a hole in one. Ha?

The other was actually two days afterwards when I was with her friend and she was having a going away party. I took her to the girl's bedroom I had just fucked on the golf course. This was after I had started making out with her in her backyard and fingering her as there was a bunch of people in the pool playing a game.

After sex the next night with her I choded out for a couple weeks and went on a family vacation for a week and started back up in August - about a month after my initial lays for the season.

So I thought it was funny. These girls were 19 by the way. The first was a 7.5 and her friend was an 8.
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