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 Well I have I am getting back into the gym after getting sick due to bad behaviour and not taking care of myself. About the Job situation after applying to >20 with no call backs I had lost hope for a bit, but now am back into it and applied for two nice looking positions which I really hope pull through I really feel not being financially independent is really effecting my game. 
If nothing happens I will reapply for the billionth fuckin time for the dole and get rejected next week, but all I can do now I guess is commit to something (gym) which I have planned my routine for the current week, eat right and stay away from bad habits. 

I maybe lucky enough to meet again one of my interests and I dont know how to leave with a physical close even though I sense we are both into eachother, you see she is best friends with a close male friend whom also has a gf known to both parties, but the way they get close makes me feel I will be grass cutting/treading on his turf and fuel rivalry. We all know competition stimulates growth and it is slightly evident to me he really doesn't give that much of a fuck about what I do or say to her but... help? 

Give me some verbal cues as to assess the situation, should I straight out ask her whats with you and bro? how? 

And how to escalate with copious amounts of alcohol around this weekend? That should be making things easier but I guess I am worried about what other people will mouth off at the moment hmm to isolate would be ideal (car is out of the option), perhaps for a 'cigarette' we can talk about where we are in life concerning relationships (mine have always been shallow and short lived since young, though should I lie about this?).

Looking forward to sarge balla style with Sydney folks once I land a job!

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