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 Well I have so far stuck too all my gym commitments, have a job lined up to start in a month and the women.. well about the woman on my mind at the moment, we stopped talking a few months ago and have always managed to be on rocky ground like a turbulent relationship thing. I used to treat her pretty slutty when we were out but never escalated beyond aggressive flirting.. I couldn't kiss and bang girls who are excessively drunk (2 drinks lol) before but now I don't care, I failed to have power over her because I cared about this factor but anyways, as a new year present we are friends again, she has a man (I am sorry for him 'cause this chick pretty much has banged alot of beta's/pseudo alphas whom are mostly friends with eachother, suck up to me and I read them as being douchebags). What is funny is before she readded me she took/uploaded an attractive photo of herself as if to reignite old flames, but at the moment I am unreactive as fuck except for msgin' after she added and said ' I don't hold grudges', I said back: ' Shit your hot'. That is all for now


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