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Friendzone JohnnyMy last post was a link to a funny pic about dating but I incorrectly pasted the wrong url.. nevertheless got 150 views? wtf.. my bad, I always come across funny stuff so yeah I'll just put it here if it concerns dating. 
Anyways, I got the job like a boss, pretty sure female workers were checking me out but had to contain the alpha!

Congratulations to me! Gym is going good too though decided to rewire today into tomorrow due to 6 hours of assignment handling leaving me fatigued.

Getting a job has boosted my confidence alot, as it is the only thing holding me back after leaving uni.. that and losing my car but hey more incentive to get back on top right!

No money no honey!

nullFriendzone Johnny
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 Well I have so far stuck too all my gym commitments, have a job lined up to start in a month and the women.. well about the woman on my mind at the moment, we stopped talking a few months ago and have always managed to be on rocky ground like a turbulent relationship thing. I used to treat her pretty slutty when we were out but never escalated beyond aggressive flirting.. I couldn't kiss and bang girls who are excessively drunk (2 drinks lol) before but now I don't care, I failed to have power over her because I cared about this factor but anyways, as a new year present we are friends again, she has a man (I am sorry for him 'cause this chick pretty much has banged alot of beta's/pseudo alphas whom are mostly friends with eachother, suck up to me and I read them as being douchebags). What is funny is before she readded me she took/uploaded an attractive photo of herself as if to reignite old flames, but at the moment I am unreactive as fuck except for msgin' after she added and said ' I don't hold grudges', I said back: ' Shit your hot'. That is all for now


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 Well I have I am getting back into the gym after getting sick due to bad behaviour and not taking care of myself. About the Job situation after applying to >20 with no call backs I had lost hope for a bit, but now am back into it and applied for two nice looking positions which I really hope pull through I really feel not being financially independent is really effecting my game. 
If nothing happens I will reapply for the billionth fuckin time for the dole and get rejected next week, but all I can do now I guess is commit to something (gym) which I have planned my routine for the current week, eat right and stay away from bad habits. 

I maybe lucky enough to meet again one of my interests and I dont know how to leave with a physical close even though I sense we are both into eachother, you see she is best friends with a close male friend whom also has a gf known to both parties, but the way they get close makes me feel I will be grass cutting/treading on his turf and fuel rivalry. We all know competition stimulates growth and it is slightly evident to me he really doesn't give that much of a fuck about what I do or say to her but... help? 

Give me some verbal cues as to assess the situation, should I straight out ask her whats with you and bro? how? 

And how to escalate with copious amounts of alcohol around this weekend? That should be making things easier but I guess I am worried about what other people will mouth off at the moment hmm to isolate would be ideal (car is out of the option), perhaps for a 'cigarette' we can talk about where we are in life concerning relationships (mine have always been shallow and short lived since young, though should I lie about this?).

Looking forward to sarge balla style with Sydney folks once I land a job!

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 Long time lurker and reader here. I'm a 23 year old with a respectable and professional background with more street smarts than the average. Always down to party, pick up and form relations with all different types of girls all for fun or serious depending on the situation and cold reading I get.

I need to get back to game after taking a 'break' and this will occur by overcomming obstacles including currently souring female relations (I don't give a fuck), maintaining and overloading my gym regimen whilst quitting smoking and other bad habits.

Wish me luck people! 

P.S. Contact me if one is down to party like a rock star in Sydney, Australia. 

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