God of Style


Slow paced
Walk slower, talk slower
More natural
More about vibe
Less routines / gimmicks
Depends on social situation, can be lots of families.
Can be a bit awkward if the girl is not into you
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PUAs: Royalty, Tom, Steven, AlphaWolf

We ended up in a small rich town in the bay area. Steve and I were there first and we went to meet the guys at the a bar.

I end up talking to a really cool dude and he introduces me to his girlfriend. Overall just a good fun vibe. I realized there is this thing I do, which is smiling without intent. You know that smile you give, like you are genuinely enjoying yourself, and you're smiling with you eyes. If someone looks your way and you smile back, without intention or outcome dependence. This helps a lot and it has helped other people open me. You're just a friendly guy enjoying life.

I open the girl's friend, she's shocked that I know her name after getting it from the girl. I befriend the guys. A note about frat like guys - some are SUPER friendly, others are territorial. Just because a white guy looks like a jock from american pie, it doesn't mean he's an asshole. I've met some of these good looking blue eyes boys and they are some of the coolest guys I know. Others were total assholes and will try to start fights. You just don't know so don't stereotype them.

I opened so many sets but I don't remember all of them. I do remember the sets that went bad, but for the first time in a long time, it doesn't affect me. Its like I have an emotional barrier to my heart and rejections don't even remotely affect me. When someone is rude to you in a social situation, there is a biological feedback effect. Your face turns red, you feel your heart beat faster, you start feeling "embarrassed". This happened to me today a lot as I got some REALLY bad rejections. However, I learned a lot from there.

1. A set I had I opened the girl and then I incorrectly addressed the guy, and it appeared like I wanted something. Instead of being cool. I became a bit value seeking. The guy was a total asshole and said, "there's the door". I said "it was nice meeting you". I realized that I should have put him on the spot or defended myself and said, "where I am from, that's just not a nice thing to say". I realized my mistake in transitioning from the open and losing my initial value from the girl smiling. I also realized that some guys are just assholes and you can't change people but you can change your actions. Instead of getting mad, I quickly accepted the emotions of slight embarassment, realized that it doesn't affect me in the long run in one bit, and the next guy that came through I added positivity, "Hey nice hat!" > He beamed and said "Thanks man!"

2. One girl was eyeing me. I walked by a few times and didn't open. They start giving me weird looks. I decide to open the girl and I learn in and say, "do you mind if I talk", and before I finished, she said, "just go away". I just nodded and left. 

Now, in these situations there are 2 things happening. One is that these girls are indeed quite rude and its just not nice. BUT, they are also being rude because the social situation gives them the permission to do so. You made a "mistake", in other words of not conveying enough value, or giving them a reason to be rude to you. Or, sometimes, you didn't defend yourself and put the other person on the spot. Unfortunately the way to mastery is literally to experience these situations, because they allow you to identify exactly what you did wrong, and at what point the social taboo tipping point was reached.

Most of my other sets were great. I continued t open and some of the hottest girls are also the nicest! You just never know. I few good sets and then you start walking more with a swagger and everything else starts to open up. The energy is there. I still need to work on slowing down my conversation and crystalizing one liners of conversation pieces, to make them congruent and delivery is SO key here. Although I moved away from structured game I do believe that having useful conversation pieces, and then organizing them into phases in the attraction process is key. This is totally MM and less natural, but I see now why in cold approaches, you absolutely need this.

3. ANOTHER KEY lesson - I opened all the sets and then BOOM tried to see how far I could take it. Instead of saying hi, then just enjoying it and not forcing it. I generated a lot of social proof in one club where a lot of girls were feeling me, and I would walk around and most of the girls were giving me good IOIs. You don't have to hit on every girl or plough every set. If you know what you'r doing you can "work" the whole room and then go back to the girls. This can be done mostly with good wings or a good group. As a single person though you sometimes have to take th shot and see if you can score.

4. The hottest girls are often the nicest. Don't think that just because a girl is ugly she's nice. Don't judge based on looks. Judge on behavior. Good looking jock dudes were super nice, these were single jock dudes who look fucking GQ, but had no game. I had some  ugly dudes who were mean to me even with their girls. You just never know. Don't judge on looks.

Feedback for wings
Note: I am writing this at 2am in the morning and my ONLY intention of this is so that we all fucking become better. To become good so that we are not alone, and that we can live a life of options. I am not harsh be mean, I am direct because I want ALL of us to improve and be the best that we can be.

Good open! I spotted a 2 set and asked him to open with "I like blueberries" that made their day!
You're energy is good. Your smile is fucking INFECTIOUS and you have a very playful vibe. Keep opening and success will find you.
You sometimes come across as a bit feminine or very young, but I think that's exactly your initial charm. Challenge will be the express INTENT as the conversation moves away from the initial open and go for the close in a dominant frame.

I've been out with you 5-7 times now I can't remember. You always have AA! This is ok but when it happens this frequently something is wrong. It is either or a combination of 2 things:
1. A lack of resolve to borrow through the fear. We all do it man
2. An inner game issue - you have some beliefs about yourself that I wish you could change. It seems like you don't value yourself the way I wish that you would ,because you're such a fucking smart and accomplished guy. But you just don't believe it. 

I've been out with you and I have seen good nights. On good nights you rock and I feel like you're a friend I've known for a long time
Tonight I knew you were down but for some reason the energy wasn't there. I'm not sure why because we both got laid last night so your energy should be high! But I think some rejections took the steam out of your sails. I know the feeling but I wish that as the night went on, you would try to push more energy into the room and EXPAND your comfort zone, instead of giving in and going home!
Also, our GROUP VIBE was SO OFF> I was better by myself and getting opened by girls and when I joined you guys at the end, you would literally feel the energy drop. Not only were we 4 guys in a hot club, we were 4 guys who weren't enjoying each other's company and ourselves. Black whole of energy drain. This is the first time I've seen you like this, but I feel like I open for you a lot and carry you, you MUST learn to do this on your own. 
P.S. The really hot European tall girl I opened and she was feeling me ,but I passed her onto you because it was your set. Later on I opened their whole group and it was on again however I did not close her. I should have. I do respect our wing rules and I know it was your set, only when did the girl not feel you did I re-engage her again.
SMILE. You have a pretty face and a nice smile. For some reason the muscles near your dimples appear to be less exercises and I wish you would give a genuine smile. Your face looks robotic at times. I think you're fucking cool because I know you now but as a stranger or a new person to meet, you look like you're sad or even a bit intimidating. As you start talking the real you comes out and its fucking cool. I think everyone should work on their "GENUINE SMILE" face in the mirror. Tom you have nice teeth and an awesome smile, minus the nervousness and a sense of SELF confidence I think you would do extremely well.

Apologies if these points sound harsh, and please understand that I am tough on you because I see potential for better selfs in all of you.

Inspiration from William (PUA):
"One day, I woke up and it just clicked: I realized that If I meet a girl, on the street or in my life, I will know exactly what I am going to say to her, to convey myself in a short amount of time, and even if she doesn't like me, I would have enjoyed myself in the conversation" Such is the skill of mastering social dynamics.
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Over the past few weeks I have been going out constantly after finally get over my super hot ex girlfriend, who loved me a lot. In a strange way, she made me believe in myself. Having what I consider a 9 / 9.5 tell me that she is insecure because she thinks I am really good looking, really changed my inner frame about what I thought about myself. I always thought I was above average looking, but not super good looking. It made me realize that for every guy there is a girl who loves you for exactly who you are. Now, we just have to up our skills so that we always have OPTIONS, and we know how to start the process of finding these girls who loves us for who we really are.

Last night I had an interesting FR / LR

I goto Royalty's house. He tells me its chill, just hanging out Friday night.
I was doing some work and decide to stop by and say hi.
We end up in a fire pit in the backyard. I see a semi hot HB8 brunette. I chat her up a bit and she seems like a cool girl. I thought this was Royalty's target so I just chill and shoot the shit
2 girls join us both have very cute faces but are chubby cute.
We chat, and I suggest we play highschool games like truth or dare
Girls laugh and say "OK!"
I find out later that Royalty already slept with one of them so she's already feeling this
We start out with simple truths, but it quickly turns into sex - how many partners have you been with, where you had sex, sex toys etc. It was fascinating. There's a reason high school games were fun. They still are.
The vibe goes down a bit as it gets cold. Girls suggest we move in the house.
I scanned the house briefly for logistics, and decide that it would be interesting to play flip cup. Except, we decided to run strip flip cup. Royalty and I beat the girls like... 5 times in a row. They end up in their bras and panties. Nice.
Someone says we should switch teams (one of the girls). By this time I was tipsy and wasn't thinking straight and we should have finished the game :) But we end up switching and my girl loses some more clothes. 

So now, there are 3 chicks and 2 guys
HB1 - Royalty's previous lay - likes him a lot. Solid close for sure.
HB2 - Friend of HB1 who I consider a HB6 with a cute face 
HB3- HB8 who I think is the hottest. LBJF'd Royalty and now I'm thinking I can close her since he actually told me between moving from outside to the living room that he likes HB1

I'm trying to get with HB8 Plastic Surgery (I am 90% sure her nose was done but she looks fucking hot). Now she's texting and we neg her. Turns out she fucks this guy who keeps her on the side. She's starting to get really tipsy and says, "I have to go!"
Royalty, being a friend says, "stay a bit. Calm down and then drive"
This seems to put her to rest and she chills for a bit, but after 2 more games she shouts "I have to go!"
I'm not in the best "intelligent" state, so I go up to her,
"B, stay. We can chill here"
HB: :"But I have guaranteed sex waiting for me"
Me: "I'll guarantee you an orgasm right here"
HB: Laughs. No! You have HB2!
Me: "You should stay"
She ends up leaving and Royalty and I walk her to the door. At this point it was kind of embarassing and I said, "that's too bad you should stay, or we should meetup again"
No response
Me: "give me your phone"
HB looks at me for a bit as if she's trying to process what's going on and then without speaking turns around and says, "BYE!"
Looking back, I was way too needy and should have played it better. (I.e. genuinely ask her if she's ok to drive, and offer to drive her or ask her to stay until she's more sober and then leave. Once the time past between her texts she would still be horny and I could have closed.
We end up hooking up with the remaining 2 HBs.
I was super drunk and sex isn't good when you're drunk, I think.
That's pretty much it. 
Suggestions on getting the HB8 welcome.

I find it very interesting that most HB7+ girls have at least one guy that they fuck regularly as backup.
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Name: AlphaWolf
Location: Mountain View, California
Age: 26
Score: 15
Goal in life: financial success, options with women and sex
Goal in pickup: To lay and have the option of girlfriending a HB 10 blonde in my personal preference

-Diplomatic kid, grew up around the world
-Did well in undergrad business school, loved entrerpreneurship
-Despite success in business and job, was virgin until 23
-Since getting into game, started actually getting girls and lays
-Started out in MM, have as of the last year, after falling in love with a girl become much more natural and actually less selfish in my interactions with women, and people in general

Additional Goal: To write a book of consolidated knowledge on how to get HB9s and 10 blonde girls for Asian guys.
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I run a blog at alphawolfx.blogspot.com
I am the co-founder of www.pualingo.com and www.alphacasual.com.
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