God of Style

We all have them. It's human nature. Don't fight it. Understand it first.

Walked into dance practice. Indian festival. Smells bad. Indian people as a group smell bad. Why. So annoying. I close off. Realized that I was only hating myself. Stopped hating. Started talking to folks. Met some really cute Indian girls. Was nice. Smell went away after you get used to it. Enjoyed myself. Learned new dance moves, and performed in front of a crowd the next day. Other girls liked me. 

I realized as I was in the crowd of Indians that the stereotypes stood out much more. White folks much feel similar in a Chinese restaurant or market. "Man, why are all these Asian people so fucking loud and why do their faces and eyes all look squished?"


Prejudices. We all have them. Theres' some truth to it. The grapes on the same grapevine tends to be the same. But as humans, it is surprising and delightful everytime we find a grape that is different than the others.
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2.5 months. That's what it took to get a totally new girl interested in me and into a lay. Not bad, but not as fast as I expected. My location isn't ideal although the rent is cheap. This girl was a 9. Totally cute and very well dressed. I met her at salsa class for a date and  you can tell all of the guys were checking her out. She had black high heels and a scarf like thing wrapped around her tight waist. Nice.

We bounce to dinner, then to downtown where I live. She followed me via car. Then back to my house. Turns out she has a boyfriend who lives in NYC, but they met once and he's leaving for HK in a few months. I usually don't date girls in relationships but this hardly seems like one to me. We watch office space on my computer and end up escalating.

She gives me handjob and I come all over her chest. However one thing that bothered me a bit - she wouldn't kiss me of give me a blow job - says it crosses her BF boundaries. That made no sense to me but I was hardly in a position to complain. 

Turns out she used to be a total nerd in high school and actually asked to play starcraft 2 on my computer. She's pretty good :) We wake up and I walk her to her car.

Overall, I liked the girl, but she was holding back due to her relationship. I didn't feel the intimate connection I had with my Ex. Mr. Anderson tells me that intimate connections aren't necessary for lays, and I'm starting to see why. However, personally I still enjoy that connection. A lay for lay just doesn't seem as satisfying to me.
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So, I get an invite from Mr. Anderson to checkout a fashion show that his friend is in. Turns out it is SF fashion week. Didn't know that until now...

We hitup a lot of sets and it all goes well. A lot of gay guys at modeling shows.

Some of the girls asked me if I was a model, and this definitely helped my self esteem. As a kid I wanted to be a model but I never thought I was good looking enough. My ears are a little too big and my nose is a little too big. However I have "movie star eyes" quote unquote by a girl at the plastic surgeon's office and I have great bone structure - 6'3 tall and lean. 

Fashion shows are great for meeting girls if you dress the part. No one knows who you are but if you exhibit subtle DHVs in your attire people gravitate towards you. Models are nice to you - you might be their next job. You just never know. We met some amazing folks and got some great FB closes. Inherent DHVs in your profile as models start adding you to their friends list.
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My dated flaked on me today. Last minute too. Bought tickets to Comedy show already $40. Lesson learned. Don't date girls with low self esteem, and do activities that do not involve early purchase of tickets to save money. Got some nice text backs from cold numbers from HBs saying they can't make it. Other than that, I can workout tonight :)

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Thursday night started out with a blast. I got back from Salsa class and went home to cook dinner. I then went alone to an Asian organized event for drinks. As I entered I quickly realized that I was the coolest guy there, but I didn’t let that get to my head as I befriended a few people and started to get introductions. I figured the photographers knew everyone and one introduction led to another.

There were quite a few girls that were very good looking and I managed to talk to all of them, and the one that I had in mind ended up finding me on Facebook. It wasn’t hard being cool here. Most of the guys are dressed in suits and ties and although they looked professional they lacked game and a general sense of identity. Unfortunately this is the current scene of the Asian demographic but fortunately for me I know game.

Social Leeches
One of the problems of being the coolest guy in a venue is that there will be other guys siphoning off of your success with girls. They will interrupt conversations and be friendly but in a value seeking way. For example one guy interrupted me and a girl and just started coming in, “Oh you’re throwing a party? Where? What date? Can I see the invite?” He ended up asking me to put my name down for him and said “haha you should invite me!” I didn’t want to be rude and I gave him a short version of my name that’s not searchable but it I quickly realized that since girls do not respond to value, I would have to cut these conversations short or throw girls at these guys so distract them. I have mixed feelings when I am at all Asian events, because I used to be one of those guys. Well, maybe not as lame, but a little more alpha version of the lameness I am seeing now. Asian guys in general tend to be overly accommodating and are, generally, very approval seeking. They are particularly bad at asking question after question without giving any value in return.

Receiving Compliments
One of the things I have learned recently is the idea of receiving compliments. I get complimented a lot at Asian events because of my style or my particularly good looks (within the Asian community) and also recently a lot of people in general compliment me on my decision to quit my job and pursue my own business full time.
I complimented a friend tonight and he took it completely the wrong way. I told him I thought he was a good friend and very loyal in front of 2 new guys we met. Instead of thanking me, he suddenly gave me a weird look and said something ridiculous like, “what, I would slit you throat in a second”. Although done in a joking way, it was huge DLV, for both him and myself.
Take a look at Jeremy Piven and George Lopez complimenting each other at 2:45:
Both are masters at what they do, and their acknowledgements of the compliments contain the following three traits:
1. It is sincere “thank you so much”
2. It is quick and brief
3. It is not overly reactive in a negative or positive way
People who do not know how to respond to compliments usually NEGATE positive compliments. That’s the worst because they wipe away the compliment other people pay onto them and also lower the complimenter’s value. They also communicate that they do not receive compliments very often and therefore don’t know how to handle themselves in those situations. There are so many inherent DLVs.
People who respond too positively to compliments isn’t good either, because it shows that he is affected by it and he must not receive that type of compliment very often.
Ideally, you would want to receive compliments in a sincere way and thank the other person, and express your gratitude in an honest but not overly reactive way.

At Palo Alto Sports Bar
I meet up with a friend of mine who also knows pickup but he’s there with his buddies today. A lot of sets happened here but mostly with warm approaches. Nothing stuck and was extremely fascinating to me how different people responded to me in this particular venue.
Girl 1: Friend’s sister. She’s cool and down to chill, but after talking to her for about 10 minutes there wasn’t a lot going up there. She had an ok look but I couldn’t connect with her at all.
Girl 2: Mr. Anderson and I approach a 2 set. One of the girls totally blows us out. She’s having a bad day –go away! I don’t want to talk to anyone! I try Kezia’s shield remover, saying, “I like this girl man. She’s very good about protecting her friends”. As I did this I kino’d a little too much and she got even more pissed, “why are you touching me! Go away!”
There was no way around it. Sometimes you’ll run into those situations. I learned though not to kino girls who have shields on in the beginning and to not react under pressure. After a certain point she just starts looking crazy.
Girl 3: short brunette who likes me, but is pulled away by another guy who’s on our kick ball team. I always liked this guy because he was competitive and won us points, but in the bar he was very, very territorial about this mediocre looking girl. I was a bit disappointed but you can’t expect everyone to be a warm alpha type of person.
Girl 4: Got jealous of me when I asked her to introduce me to a hotter girl in her group, “go ahead, I know you’re obsessed with her so you can go talk to her youself”. She has some self esteem issues.
Girl 5: bartenders off duty. Ander pulls them to smoke but they don’t stay. They’re so used to guys hitting on them you almost have to just be friends with them first. They are cool hanging but run off as soon as they want to.
Girl 6,7,8: we run into Spanish girls. All hot, 2/3 were visiting. I didn’t build enough rapport with the 3rd one but the lead alpha female was super cool. She made sure she paid attention to me and my friend. Her game was tight. She knew how to talk to guys and bouncer to get her way. It was pretty solid. The problem I had was that this game wasn’t the real “her”. You know: that feeling you have when you just connect to someone with no social mask. I think this time is earned with Playettes, as they have developed a shield of social lubricant that deflect guy game so they can choose when they have “real” time with the guys they choose. The danger of this is that sometimes, they get lost in the game and you end up never finding out who the real girl is. PUAs and players have this problem too. We get lost it in the game.
Boundary Function and dealing with conflict
In between, I call out my wing for using negative reinforcement and saying some mean things about me not approaching or not being cool. In this case I feel like I am being insulted. One of the things I learned from game was that I used to take insults and laugh at them. But this creates a cycle of insults that other people learn to do to you because you’re “ok” with it. In reality, a lot of these situations turned into bad bullying situations. I called him out on that shit and he was ok with it afterward. However, it was a complete 180 from being by myself and deriving my own value in the previous bar. Your wing can either be the best thing since sliced bread or your worst nightmare. Find a friend that you trust and check him when he goes overboard. People make mistakes, but if you have a strong character and consider them a friend, always check them when they do.

King of the island, or serf of the Country?
As I drove back from the night I realized that I am a king among Asian girls. I can now get the hottest Asian girls at any venue. However, as a frat bar with a wing putting me down, it was a really difficult recovery. Even with my confidence at a high when I arrived, things were not the same. I don’t think this is a race thing as I am past being a newbie, but to say that cultural influences have nothing to do with it would be an understatement as well. We all have mentally the type of girls we click with, and there’s just that propinquity that you have to certain types of people based on who you really are. The ideas of game, I believe, are to foster and understand these real characteristics, and learn to develop them to find girls that you actually like and are compatible with.
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So, a lot of my numbers did flake or I am stuck in getting the girl out for a meet. Blond girl I met for like 5 minutes ends up texting me, and flirting on Saturday. She invites me to a house party. I agree. I was at Stanford in a dance class with another friend and then went to her house. I was actually a little bit scared because I realized that I know nothing about this girl. This is probably what girls feel when they meet a new guy for a day 2. What if she was weird?

It ends up being a somewhat dangerous part of town, and I was a little scared as I was walking up to the house. As I came closer though, I was greeted warmly by the host, and her crew. These were really nice people. Rockers. Sort off. Ramones played in the background, she had a picture of David Bowie and a skull, as well as a whale vertebrae as decoration. Everyone had tattoos or piercings. Despite their appearance, everyone was actually really friendly. Super nice people. I really enjoyed myself. I spoke to everyone and made a pretty good impression. In between I would kino my girl a bit and she seems to be digging me.
Weed smoking was taking place and I took a hit and I was a bit stoned. Felt calm. A bit boring if you ask me. My girl was an avid smoker though, which turned me off a bit. She turns out to be a great cook (loves cooking) and is actually pretty hot. Like, tall, slender body with really light blonde hair. She wears glasses because she can’t see without them and according to her, “allows her to beat the system because she’s blond and people think she’s stupid”. I laugh. She’s cute in her own way. As I am leaving I ask her to walk me out. I stealth kino a bit and there is not resistance. I lock hands and at this moment everything came to me like it was natural. No pre-meditation, no “gameplan”. It just flowed. It was nice to see game internalized in action J I asked her if she liked me, and as she was answering I leaned in, hands locked and kissed her. It ended up being a pretty hardcore makeout, and of course being the artist that I am I pulled away first. She tried to play cool and said, “I better get back to my friends”. I just looked at her and said, “bye” like I knew what was up.

As I was driving back I realized that I want a life with both rockstars and people that were financially well off. Not the boring white collars. Cool people like the ones at the party, with income levels and ways to leverage their characteristics so beat the capitalistic system.
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Random questions:

1. White girls ALWAYS turn around and stare at me when I say to a wing, "Do you like Asian girls?" - WHY?

2. One time outside the matrix:
Passing by 3 Bums, one of them sees 2 of the hottest chicks and grabs her arm and says: "Hey how are ya"
She COMPLETELY IGNORES him. Asian girls start looking at me. Why?
Wing says, "Wow I didn't know you were deaf!"
She ignores him too although I'm not sure she heard him.
Could I have opened her? They were HB9s and 10s the only 2 in the bar and they were hanging out with this one dude.

3. Sometimes I feel like getting a date is like pulling teeth. Does this mean my phone game sucks, or maybe there just wasn't enough game / attraction/comfort in the initial face to face?

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Tonight I went out with Mr. Anderson and Royalty. I had a new breakthrough. 4 set right away. Girl was rude to me. Until Anders introduced. I then qualified her super hard and held my own. The turning point came, I looked her in the eye, and said, "E, you are a dorky girl, but you put on this facade. Just relax. Be."  She turned out to be a cool girl, but kept on referring to her job and her accomplishments. I gave her credit where due but it got old quick. Excused myself and left to find the other guys.

Her friend later tells me that "she really likes me". Such is the power of qualification. Anders and I hit another 2 set and we chat with them for like, 45 minutes. I realized tonight the important of displaying value. Doing this takes 1) having a good vibe 2) having solid frame 3) having solid inner game / life stability.

When you have more value than the girls in a group, the girls will know it too. There's a moment of the "tipping point" and the power shifts from the girl to the guy in the approach. In MM terms I would say it happens after the hook point and after DHVs, in the middle of A3 / comfort.

When you have more value the following things happen:
The girls let you talk when you speak and interupt less
They will ask you questions and continue to conversation when others are silent
They won't leave the table / space unless you leave first, or you tell them to
They will start talking about random stuff just to "keep talking" or to keep you interested
Ironically, I display these traits too when talking to a hot girl I consider "high value". Unfortunately these things only make the hot girl value you less! Know I know what its like to wield power within a set and have the girls CHASE me. It is an interesting turn of events.
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