God of Style

Not easy at all. I went to salsa class alone and this was cool Talked to a few girls and I knew most of them from classes before plus I am decent in my dance now so I can actually have fun in class. Ran into a few friends and we chilled for a while. 

On the way back home I decided to go solo sarging in nearby downtown MV. Fridays are hot! Lots of cute girls and they scene was not bad at all. I ran into a girl who eye fucked me and there was this HUGE dog that weighed more than me that was stopping everyone it its track. I talked to a few people and said hello. Could not bring myself to walk into the club with $10 cover and solo sarge. Just felt too weirded out about it. Maybe I failed. I don't know I just couldn't do it.

Getting dancefloor game down has been interesting. I realized that you need a certain "vibe" that equals the combination of
1. relaxed and smiling facial expression
2. moving to the beat 
3. having fun
4. not caring what other people think

If you embody these things girls will dance with you on the dancefloor. Salsa lessons are definitely paying off as well.

Daygame is going well, approaching at least 2 girls a day during the daytime. Time to push it to more closes instead of just "opening"

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