God of Style

We all have them. It's human nature. Don't fight it. Understand it first.

Walked into dance practice. Indian festival. Smells bad. Indian people as a group smell bad. Why. So annoying. I close off. Realized that I was only hating myself. Stopped hating. Started talking to folks. Met some really cute Indian girls. Was nice. Smell went away after you get used to it. Enjoyed myself. Learned new dance moves, and performed in front of a crowd the next day. Other girls liked me. 

I realized as I was in the crowd of Indians that the stereotypes stood out much more. White folks much feel similar in a Chinese restaurant or market. "Man, why are all these Asian people so fucking loud and why do their faces and eyes all look squished?"


Prejudices. We all have them. Theres' some truth to it. The grapes on the same grapevine tends to be the same. But as humans, it is surprising and delightful everytime we find a grape that is different than the others.
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