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I am letting some of my old numbers go. I know my text game isn't' the greatest, but I thought it would be fun to post it here. Some of my girls are ridiculously cute and I have just recently started actually getting replies from 9s and 10 non Asian girls, thanks to DJ Fuji's training and personal developments from myself.

Here goes. Enjoy.

HB Mixed Asian girl at SF I met, number closed in 2 minutes had to run after that
Me: R. Big Dick
HB: Thank u
Me: Lol
HB: are you from boston
Me: went to school there never changed my number
Me: Find me on FB
[mistake, non compliance]
Me:Is it weird I dont like Asian girls (neg)
HB: NO bc i dont like asian guys
.... a few texts
HB: why did you put that u had a big dick!?! lol
Me: Dont remember heh. I dont lie though
HB: hehe, at least you get straight to the point
HB: Hint: Women dont think like men so comments like that are kind of douchebaggy (shit test)
Me: I am an asshole. Ur right though good sex is mental size has nothing to do with it
HB: LOL...
A few days later
Me: Asian girl what's going on
No response
Last text: Im breaking up with you

Lesson: Lost buying temperature.

HB Blonde. Beautiful girl. Tall, blond, blue eyes, kind of a dork. Really white skin. For me, a 9/10
Me: Hey B, find me under FB, promise you wont be a stalker
She adds me, I needed some more info didn't really know anything about her because I had preselection that night I nclosed her
Me: I knew you were a little out there. Acting prim and proper
HB: Sneaky!
ME: its ok, dorkiness is good
Read text game after 1 week, texted her during the day
Me:hey dork hows ur day going. Just realized I broke my rule w u! next invite will be my last dont ask
HB: Wait rule
Me: was that proper grammer? lol maybe ill tell you next time
hb: haha i meant to say "what rule" daytime tv is boring, except in the morning with regis and kelly

We banter on and off. This is where I lose her

Me: Horses. Thats what i think of when i see ur contact on my phone. weird. anyway we may hitup X tonight you should come hang
HB: im moving this weekend prob wont be able to my whole fam is here. Why horses!?
Me: family first. hah horse girl. dont take this the wrong way ok. maybe its the way ur face looks in that one photo some might find it ugly i find it intriguing
hb: mmm ok
Me: Horse girl x, making fun of her is so easy.
No replies ofr the next 3-4 texts.
Today: I'm breaking up with you...
Me: Im going to try and fuck another cute slightly weird but adorable blond girl the returns per effort is just not worth it. Serious note I did genuinely like u. Bye.

No reply, I dont care it was fucking funny.
Lesson: don't neg too hard and try to game. Try for a meetup and act nonchalant. Text messages can be misinterpreted. Meet in person asap.

Emo girl, hot chick HB9 I think I closed her months ago. Back and forth on facebook see her at the mall sometimes. Deleted her number she texts me this week:
HB: Hey you
Me: Hello Kitty
HB: whats up with u tonight
Me: open mic at red rock at 7 come and get some tea
no response
Me later on: Iwont be free till 1030 if ur looking to connect w me that way. Uve probably never been with an Asian guy before have you
HB: oh pleeeese you'll never get this. Never been with an asian and dont plan on it haha
Me: U say that as if I care and as if im doing u a favor. When it happens the pleasures gonna be all yours kitty.

Funny, I think that last text was a little serious but I was doing some business planning and didnt care. Could have turned it more comical, like, "yeah I've let a few cats run away" or something like that.

Ok. Hope you enjoyed those. Until next time have fun and always remember. You have the right to say, "Next!"


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