God of Style

I have been making pretty good progress in my game recently, due to overcoming from limiting beliefs about looks and what not. Also, thanks for seeing this guy Achilles who runs programs in the south bay. I realized that he's not that different from me and that if I wanted to, I could do this too. Some memorable lessons this week:

1. Brought an Asian girl as a wing to meet GK, ex Charisma arts alum. Bad idea. Asian girls can be fun but this one was boring as hell. By the end of the night she thought I was too good for her and did not stay over. I kind of only wanted to fuck but I wasn't interested in her at all. Lesson: bring a fun girl next time.

2. Having a female wing opens sets easily, ONLY if you disqualify quickly and somehow communicate she's just a friend. The hotter the female wing, the more likely you can create attraction via pre-selection

3. SF club scene is high risk, high reward. The music is so loud but, everyone is friendly. Try to go all out and learn some lessons and don't worry about the embarrassment of bad sets. No one notices.

4. Ran into a HB10 by herself who was actually, a really cool girl. Was by herself (she ditched her friends). I open her and she's super friendly. Turns out he has a BF (which HB10 doesn't?). But, they are swingers. Shit. I disqualify quickly and introduce her to my girlfriends. I end up dancing with her and this girl's body is just insane. Not an ounce of fat anywhere, tall, skinny, model-esque. Dark brown hair, blue eyes. The funny thing is she's actually pretty cool, when I talked to her she was kind of a dork. Just goes to show, sometimes you need to judge based on BEHAVIOR not appearance. 
I fuck up on the dancefloor by whispering, "it's too bad". She says, "what is?". I said, "Our bodies fit together quite well". She looks surprised and then backs off. "I'm SO sorry, but I can't do this. It was really great to meet you ok". She actually stays and makes sure I'm ok which was nice. I just laughed like, "yeah, you caught me I am trying to fuck you". I should have played it off cool, she was down with our group and I could have given her a ride back. Even as a friend an HB10 is always useful. My fault, lesson learned.

I text her the next day: I'm deleting your number. Just wanted to say it was great to talk to a cute girl whos not retareded in some sort of way.
She replies:  probably a good idea. thanks. take care.

Any possible responses? I think its probably more classy to just move on. Maybe I'll see her again in the future.

5. Female wings are only as good as their personalities. Some female wings are BORING even though they may be hot, it becomes difficult to navigate a set. One wing talks too much and she takes over a set. The other one is too shy. Etc. Be careful how u use them. Also, logistics. If you bring a female wing you HAVE to bring her home right? So you can't pull to another location which becomes a problem as you game gets better and you try for same night lays.

6. Not jerking of will motivate you to go out, but, if you go out and you're actually good and getting some results, you come home with blue balls. So although this is a quality problem, you will run into this area of game - I'm good enough to get numbers and kiss closes but not to fuck right away problem.

7. Approach club like a fun thing. Like a playground and you're the kid. Try to make some mistakes in order to learn, but also make a small effort to remember not to make the SAME mistakes because they can cost you (i.e. trying to fuck every hot girl instead of befriending them).
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