God of Style

I have been going out a lot lately.

Night game Palo Alto
Opened a lot of sets. None of them went very far but the conversation was ok. Mainly getting over AA.
Approached 4 girl sets, 5 guy sets. Out with another guy but he didn't approach at all, and ended up not adding a lot of value other than being there as a friend.

Day game Mall game
It was hard for me! I couldn't open during the day. I have some type of mental block here about this. I pushed myself and spoke to 2-3 girls

Day game Monday labor day
Today, Steve was there. He made me better. "No rich, I want to do this. 3 sets". After I told him to give me $10. And he fucking did it. One of the girls was there with her husband and it was hilarious but I applaud him for doing it. He made me want to follow up so I opened my 3 sets as well. One of them turned out to be a number, the 3rd one turned out to be a chick I met before and we insta-dated for tea before her break ended. She has a BF now but she told me she was into girls and opened the door for future threesomes. Nice. 

Getting used to opening during the day. It is just your mind playing tricks on you. Gotta love that AA.

A problem I had recently was about friendships and why we do the things we do to each other. Once you start getting girls, a lot of competing things come in the way. I am not sure how to handle this conflict other than by my own standards of ethics and treat people as best I can. However, sometimes if they are harmful to me, I have to distance myself or learn to fight back.

Overall, I am glad I am getting over my daytime AA
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