God of Style

Random questions:

1. White girls ALWAYS turn around and stare at me when I say to a wing, "Do you like Asian girls?" - WHY?

2. One time outside the matrix:
Passing by 3 Bums, one of them sees 2 of the hottest chicks and grabs her arm and says: "Hey how are ya"
She COMPLETELY IGNORES him. Asian girls start looking at me. Why?
Wing says, "Wow I didn't know you were deaf!"
She ignores him too although I'm not sure she heard him.
Could I have opened her? They were HB9s and 10s the only 2 in the bar and they were hanging out with this one dude.

3. Sometimes I feel like getting a date is like pulling teeth. Does this mean my phone game sucks, or maybe there just wasn't enough game / attraction/comfort in the initial face to face?

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