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Tonight I went out with Mr. Anderson and Royalty. I had a new breakthrough. 4 set right away. Girl was rude to me. Until Anders introduced. I then qualified her super hard and held my own. The turning point came, I looked her in the eye, and said, "E, you are a dorky girl, but you put on this facade. Just relax. Be."  She turned out to be a cool girl, but kept on referring to her job and her accomplishments. I gave her credit where due but it got old quick. Excused myself and left to find the other guys.

Her friend later tells me that "she really likes me". Such is the power of qualification. Anders and I hit another 2 set and we chat with them for like, 45 minutes. I realized tonight the important of displaying value. Doing this takes 1) having a good vibe 2) having solid frame 3) having solid inner game / life stability.

When you have more value than the girls in a group, the girls will know it too. There's a moment of the "tipping point" and the power shifts from the girl to the guy in the approach. In MM terms I would say it happens after the hook point and after DHVs, in the middle of A3 / comfort.

When you have more value the following things happen:
The girls let you talk when you speak and interupt less
They will ask you questions and continue to conversation when others are silent
They won't leave the table / space unless you leave first, or you tell them to
They will start talking about random stuff just to "keep talking" or to keep you interested
Ironically, I display these traits too when talking to a hot girl I consider "high value". Unfortunately these things only make the hot girl value you less! Know I know what its like to wield power within a set and have the girls CHASE me. It is an interesting turn of events.
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She could have been rude to you bc they were so charmed with us initially as you approached : ) The vibe was so chill that had you opened 5 min earlier and they would've been all smiles. Cool chicks. They secretly wanted to party hardcore Vegas fashion.

In terms of value, a wise man once said that if you're not first, you're last. M/F interaction is based on this dynamic where parties are constantly trying to negotiate the most value from a mate compared to what they themselves have to offer. Girls do it, guys do it, it's just the way life is. This is the reason PU should only be a lifestyle supplement and greater focus should be placed on accomplishments and subsequent lifestyle enhancement. In the end the person who will be receiving the most benefits is yourself... The chicks are just along for the ride until you
are ready to settle with the highest value girl you can, in relation to your own perception of the total value you will be able to reciprocate emotionally, physically and financially.
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 Nice feedback. It was a good time. For the first time since my relationships its nice to have a girl "follow you" along. Ultimately that's what I want - a high quality girl who will support me in my ambitious journey to become super rich.
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