God of Style

I was going to spend a quiet night with one of my girl friends. She dresses up and informs me she wants to go out. I said alright and get dressed up as she uses my computer.

We end up going to downtown PA and I realized immediately that having just 1 female with you increase your value significantly and lowers the game's difficulty immensely. Girls will look at you as you walk by (my girl friend is pretty cute but I don't find her sexually attractive) and sets fly open. I didn't want to use her as a clutch too much. Here were my sets

Set 1: Girl opens us. We banter a bit about the mechanical bull
Set 2: I open a girl about her purse. She's friendly. Visiting from out of town. Her friend happens to be a smoking blond and I knew this. I say hi to her and the game is on. Mostly banter, a little neg. As soon as my girl came in We'll call her WInggirl Claire I hug and almost immediately IOIs from the blond. Hair brush, touching her back, moving closer. It was a done deal. It so happens they both work at stanford and seem to have a girl crush on each other so after I nclose and talk a bit I eject. I open a girl with "hey. I'm not hitting on you but I love your dress.". She smiles really brightly and I walk away because it was near the entrance where a lot of foot traffic takes place. I'll see her again. I check on my boys and he hang for a bit. I tell Claire to take T and introduce him to a smoking Asian girl. T makes some excuses and after trying to convince him a few times I said "ok, I'll do it". Winggirl make the intro and she turns around the it was ON.

Set 3: Hi. Normal banter. I don't run game on Asian girls usually they find me automatically attractive. I qualify and basically find out she's new in town and offer to introduce her and she's totally in. Texts me right away.
Easy close from there.

One of the problems with wing girls is that they get bored and they can easily come in and steal the set and the girls start talking. It happens so that this girl is extremely nice and friendly and gets along with everyone and girls like her too so I was blocked out for a bit. I hug her and say I'm looking for my friends.

Claire follows me soon after.

Set 5: I open a set but a guy interrupts apparently that's his girl. No big deal I nod and move on. I wanted to open a set by myself and not use my girl. I re-open the girl I complimented at the door. I walk over slowly and just say hi. She's immediately into me. Her friends are pulling her away and she gives her this "look" like "are you ok with this guy?". She says, "yeah I'm fine I'll catch you later". That's when you know its on. Unfortunately 2 minutes into my convo a bunch of her guy friends and girl friends pull her away. I try to n-close and she says, "I'll be here!". As if baiting me to game her more. I counter and say, "actually I'm on my way out". She says, "I'm here all the time, I'll see you next time!". Not sure what I could have done but I think she did not want her guy friends to give her shit later and therefore hesitated.

We re-engage the hot blond because my wing girl likes her and we chat a bit. I make sure we all time bridge to another date and then the 2 guys come in. At this point I call it a a night and leave the guys to be. I made a mistake here I'd like to apologize here. I kissed the two girls and I just said bye casually to the guys. I SHOULD have said proper goodbyes because they are my friends and are reflections of me. I apologize for this. I should have said goodbye properly, with value. This hurts you as well as it hurts me because we are friends. I guess I was a little pissed at the missed opportunity earlier to have my girl introduce you and the lack of action that takes place all the time when we are out.

Later, with Claire I said, "I feel like I am always carrying those guys on my shoulders".
She says something interesting, "If they are your friends, that shouldn't be a problem, right?"
I realized that she was right - I am good friends with T and that SHOULD NOT come after Game. Friends are permanent girls come and go.

Set 6: We hit nolas and this is the funny part. Cougars try to hit on me and it was hilarious. I end up in a pretty deep conversation with 2 very good looking albeit married women. One of them is single and owns her own business, we discuss my current project and it was just a riveting conversation. I doubt that her husband will find it amusing for her to see me again and I'm not into that type of game. 

Set 6: I open another girl at the bar and it was good but she got dragged away by friends. I could have stayed but I felt like it was too much work and she wasn't that hot.

Set 7: On the street I see two girls and one of them looks 16. "How old ARE you?". I ask her. They look shocked "What!?" I recover and say that she looks young and innocent and we end up having a walking conversation with them for like, 5 minutes. Unfortunately Claire winged the wrong girl and I end up with the ok looking one. I didn't want her number and as we left she looked at me expectantly while I bid her goodbye. It was hilarious. Her friend (the young looking one) was a super cutie. Anyway. Next time.


1. Overall, a fun night. Your whole game changes when you have some perceived value from girls. I understand this now and will work on making more girlfriends who I'm not just sexually attracted to.

2. I was watching Keys to the VIP before this. It helped a lot actually. If you observe guys like Cajun and Naturals they always come in with a calm sense of confidence. They walk slowly. But they keep the momentum and energy going. I think tonight I just was very calm in my approaches. They were a lot more natural. One of the things I CONSCIOUSLY did was a lot of EYE contact. You can feel that your'e connecting more with people as you look them in the eyes. This makes a big difference actually. I was NOT doing this before.

Good eye contact ensures a strong connection.

3. If there's one thing that bothered me its that T is a good, smart guy but he just doesn't believe he can do it. I've tried to coach and push him and he gets AA every single time. Unfortunately there's only so much I can do and tonight, I wasn't able to help him. I've been out with him probably over 20 times now and this always happens. I'm not sure how to help him. I like T and I really enjoy hanging with him. I would say that game-wise, he either gets a) extreme AA or b) he pushes himself to open, but when he opens he conveys too much energy and its not smooth. It is a bit clunky. If I were to break down the technicals (in case he's reading this) I would say the un-smoothness comes from:
a) too much AA and therefore pushing yourself too hard to open. Energy level is very high and the calibration to the mood and topic of the group is usually very off.
b) his voice tonality always goes upward in inflexion stead of upward
c) facial features usually convey a nice I am getting to meet you, but borders on "I am trying to get value from you", there's too much smiling and holding the smile for too long. Which is why I think some sets go wrong in the first 30 seconds. Sometimes he sticks on for longer, but usually in the 5-10 minute range he loses the girl because he's persona is still that of a value taker. I don't mean to be rude. What I am trying to say is, deep down, if you believe that the girl IS INDEED better than you, eventually, no matter your game technicals, this stuff still come to the surface. I hope this makes sense....
d) Questions the girl too much instead of making statements. You're uncomfortable with pauses. It is ok to pause, The social pressure should be able to not affect you as a PUA. It is OK to walk away from the girl. It is ok to have takeaway body language. It is ok to touch her (in a smooth, confident way).

4. Game is a reflection of our inner states. If you believe that everyone at the bar is your friend, you tend to have this mentality where they are your cheerleaders. As such you view allies instead of enemies and even the bad reactions become less invasive and permanent. I find this type of vibe, some might call it GGG (good guy game) very relaxing and natural for me. I am a gentleman and as such I should be able to convey this value AND pick up chicks. We always talk about negging and stuff but in reality, do you think Brad Pitt needs to neg? Bill Gates? Some high successful, rich guy who is NOT famous? No. He simply knows that to be true. As such he can be friendly and agreeable and still get the girl.

I'm not talking about being a and nice and letting people walk over you. I am talking about being polite and friendly because you want to be, and still be alpha. Warm alpha. I hope this makes sense. Game doesn't have to be all assholes and AMOGGING. You just have to be congruent with who you truly are.
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