God of Style

So, a lot of my numbers did flake or I am stuck in getting the girl out for a meet. Blond girl I met for like 5 minutes ends up texting me, and flirting on Saturday. She invites me to a house party. I agree. I was at Stanford in a dance class with another friend and then went to her house. I was actually a little bit scared because I realized that I know nothing about this girl. This is probably what girls feel when they meet a new guy for a day 2. What if she was weird?

It ends up being a somewhat dangerous part of town, and I was a little scared as I was walking up to the house. As I came closer though, I was greeted warmly by the host, and her crew. These were really nice people. Rockers. Sort off. Ramones played in the background, she had a picture of David Bowie and a skull, as well as a whale vertebrae as decoration. Everyone had tattoos or piercings. Despite their appearance, everyone was actually really friendly. Super nice people. I really enjoyed myself. I spoke to everyone and made a pretty good impression. In between I would kino my girl a bit and she seems to be digging me.
Weed smoking was taking place and I took a hit and I was a bit stoned. Felt calm. A bit boring if you ask me. My girl was an avid smoker though, which turned me off a bit. She turns out to be a great cook (loves cooking) and is actually pretty hot. Like, tall, slender body with really light blonde hair. She wears glasses because she can’t see without them and according to her, “allows her to beat the system because she’s blond and people think she’s stupid”. I laugh. She’s cute in her own way. As I am leaving I ask her to walk me out. I stealth kino a bit and there is not resistance. I lock hands and at this moment everything came to me like it was natural. No pre-meditation, no “gameplan”. It just flowed. It was nice to see game internalized in action J I asked her if she liked me, and as she was answering I leaned in, hands locked and kissed her. It ended up being a pretty hardcore makeout, and of course being the artist that I am I pulled away first. She tried to play cool and said, “I better get back to my friends”. I just looked at her and said, “bye” like I knew what was up.

As I was driving back I realized that I want a life with both rockstars and people that were financially well off. Not the boring white collars. Cool people like the ones at the party, with income levels and ways to leverage their characteristics so beat the capitalistic system.
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