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Last night I went to a country themed bar called the saddle rack. It was overall a good time and I promised DJ Fuji 10 sets. I was determined to meet this goal. 5 of them had to be HB10s.

As I walked into the bar I sensed that there was a lot of space and dancing in this particular location. To the front there was a stage and it was a live band. A huge dance floor encompassed the center. There were bars to the left right and far and of the bar. The folks there were either really young in their early 20s or really old in some cases in early 50s and 60s. Everyone a country theme, there were cowboy hats, and Indian feathers on the guys and gals. A normal Asian guy would feel intimidated but I put those thoughts in the far recesses of my mind and dedicated myself to having a good time.

Here are the sites according to what I remember:

Set one: I end up opening a group on the dance floor because they were learning to do line dancing. Some of the older women were nice there was one in particular, that took me under her wing and taught me step by step how to do line that. She was cute but in her late 40s to 50s. Nonetheless I enjoyed dancing with her later on as well in the circle on the main dance floor. From that I was warmed up and it got me moving to the music a state with higher which is good because everybody was in the super high state at this place.

Set two: I open some mediocre looking girls at the bar with high and then leaning back. Usually this works for me, but tonight it does is give me a strange look as if I had no shot at all. This was new to me. I decided not to let anyone else affect my general state of mind and move on.

Set three: girl makes contact with me but she's with two of her other friends. I caught one of her friends and request that she introduced me to her friend. She does so with some complaints and started talking to the front. The conversation was not great but try to be cheeky and fun and she would reply but not with a lot of words eventually less than five minutes or so her friend told her away and they started engaging in their own conversation. I was locked out from his language perspective and I decided to leave.

Set four: I end up complaining if you HB9s and 10s by saying, "I'm not hitting on you, I love the necklace/dress/outfit you're wearing." This seems to go over well with 4-5 HB9s except one which just looked at me and put her hand up. Wow. That never happened before.

Set 4 still: I am next to the bullpen mechanical bull and 3 blonde girls all just relatively well, we can see what's going on. They seemed a bit into themselves and I turned around and I said hi. One of the girls looked at me and made a half-assed look like she half acknowledged me that half ignored me at the same time. I just kind of "drifted" my gaze elsewhere. Mistake. I realized next time that if you want to get blown out, at least make sure she blew you out completely.

Set 5: at this point I was trying to get over AA, and I decide to go for it. I sit down blodly with two girls and say hi. My stages was strong and I asked them if it's girl’s night out. One of the girls was down to talk but the the other girl seems ignore me. I find out that she is from France and does not speak a lot of English. I then talked to her in French with a few broken sentences and she seems to light up. Her friend is cute but she tested me she asked me where my friends are.... I said there walking around if I see them I will introduce you. I banter with them for 5 more minutes and then asked the girl to dance. She's actually terrible on the dance floor. Everything got some social proof. I walk back and her friends are there. None of them are really cute so I eject. That was good social proof and good practice.

Set 6: Extremely cute girl HB9/10 standing by herself. I had to approach. At this point I felt different in my walking, like for a few seconds there I knew what it felt like to be a seducer "mindset". The walk, put my hand on her back and comment, "you're VERY well. Put. Together"
HB10: Thank you!
Me: "How many guys hit on you tonight?"
She looks amused but no laughter yet
HB10: A few...
Me: "Cool. And....How many girls?"
At this point she breaks out laughing and you know its on.
So her friends comes in and I try to neg her by giving divided attention to her friends and her. She excuses herself and I see her with 2 guys the bar. Her friend happens to be a grenade. Shit. I find out later one of the guys is her BF. He's Asian. Props bro :)

Set 7: One of the HB9s I complimented opens me, and I find out she knows me! Shit. I met her at a beach once. We have great conversation and then one of her friends is getting married (Jenna). She pushes me to dance with her and I take Jenna on the dancefloor. Nice to have a bachelorette slow dancing with you. Social proof! This venue is so big though I'm not sure if people noticed. None the less the bride to be was very thankful and she was cute (37 surprisingly). I find HB9 later and as I am trying to time bridge she looks at me and said, "i live with my BF, remember?". I do! Shit. I apologize and wish her the best.

Set 8: 2 small short Asian girl and Mexican girl. I open ok and the conversation is not bad, but I made bad move to lock in and she looked at me like, "why did this guy move between me and my friend". Just then another drunk guys comes without warning and says "can I but you guys a drink?" at which point he spills his own and the girls laugh. He leaves with his tail between his legs. Unfortunately I wasn't able to hook girls again and as they went to get a drink they moved a little away from me and I was locked out. Not enough intent, perhaps.

Set9: Another group of girls in a bachelorette party - they were friendly and one of the girls kept eyeing me but I could not control the group. They dragged her away after a few sentences we exchanged and that was that.

Set 10: 2 very cute girls sitting down. I open. They respond well. We chat. At this point my other friend is here but he is shy. I excuse myself and drag him into the set. Unfortunately the girls excuses themselves as their friend is here. Bad timing, and bad use of a wing.

Set 11: Cow girl just got off the mechanical bull. I high five her. It semi-on but one of the girls I was talking to before (friendly walk she's not cute) says she likes her, and she starts hitting on her! Ha. At least I set them up.

Set 12: Girl from salsa class. I chat with her a bit and there's kino and she's leaning in. But then I realized she's going to be coaching us on the upcoming performance and decide not to shit where I eat.

Set 13: There were 2 very cute brunettes engaged in deep conversation that no one opened. Another beautiful blond in a white dress HB10 I did not open. Honestly I had a bad reaction from a HB10 from a compliment and that fear scared me. Shit. I really wanted to talk to them, but saw no openings to do so. 

That's it. Overall, learned a lot. I think the venue itself is TOUGH because 1. I'm an Asian guy in a country club and 2. My style doesn't fit this country theme, and 3. LOTS of social circles in play and 4. I was alone half the time. Actually I'm pretty proud of myself from Set 5 onwards to Set 8 I was solo sarging and I could gone home, but I decided to soldier on.

Overall, a good night. I never opened this many sets without getting a number, but it doesn't matter. They would have flaked anyway and I learned a lot.
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