God of Style

2.5 months. That's what it took to get a totally new girl interested in me and into a lay. Not bad, but not as fast as I expected. My location isn't ideal although the rent is cheap. This girl was a 9. Totally cute and very well dressed. I met her at salsa class for a date and  you can tell all of the guys were checking her out. She had black high heels and a scarf like thing wrapped around her tight waist. Nice.

We bounce to dinner, then to downtown where I live. She followed me via car. Then back to my house. Turns out she has a boyfriend who lives in NYC, but they met once and he's leaving for HK in a few months. I usually don't date girls in relationships but this hardly seems like one to me. We watch office space on my computer and end up escalating.

She gives me handjob and I come all over her chest. However one thing that bothered me a bit - she wouldn't kiss me of give me a blow job - says it crosses her BF boundaries. That made no sense to me but I was hardly in a position to complain. 

Turns out she used to be a total nerd in high school and actually asked to play starcraft 2 on my computer. She's pretty good :) We wake up and I walk her to her car.

Overall, I liked the girl, but she was holding back due to her relationship. I didn't feel the intimate connection I had with my Ex. Mr. Anderson tells me that intimate connections aren't necessary for lays, and I'm starting to see why. However, personally I still enjoy that connection. A lay for lay just doesn't seem as satisfying to me.
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