God of Style

So, I get an invite from Mr. Anderson to checkout a fashion show that his friend is in. Turns out it is SF fashion week. Didn't know that until now...

We hitup a lot of sets and it all goes well. A lot of gay guys at modeling shows.

Some of the girls asked me if I was a model, and this definitely helped my self esteem. As a kid I wanted to be a model but I never thought I was good looking enough. My ears are a little too big and my nose is a little too big. However I have "movie star eyes" quote unquote by a girl at the plastic surgeon's office and I have great bone structure - 6'3 tall and lean. 

Fashion shows are great for meeting girls if you dress the part. No one knows who you are but if you exhibit subtle DHVs in your attire people gravitate towards you. Models are nice to you - you might be their next job. You just never know. We met some amazing folks and got some great FB closes. Inherent DHVs in your profile as models start adding you to their friends list.
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