God of Style

I was in a super good mood after listening to some JPop music this Monday on labor day. As I went to day game with 2 other PUAs I realized that most people are miserable. I was walking about and people don't smile, and tend to stay within their "gray area". Their comfort zone that gives them the least comfort. This is how most people are when they are out. 

I tried to get my guys to not think so much and just do. They did alright. Serban impressed me by sticking to his guns. I HAVE TO DO THIS!, he said as he stopped a HB10 blond as she was walking. Impressive. She totally did not speak English but I applaud his big balls.

Some people day game and others don't. For me, I generally have no AA during the night and can approach on command. However, during the day, I have mad AA. I realized that  I just wasn't used to it. In my head, I believed that it was a social rule that was not meant to be broken .Therefore, only instances of extreme situations (i.e. girl drops her notebook) can I open. We all know how often this happens in the movies vs. real life.

As I opened more girls during the day the more comfortable I got. People are actually nicer during teh day, it is not a club / antagonistic environment. The worst the girl will say is "oh thank you" and then walk away. People (including me) need to get used to doing certain things regularly. Building a behavior pattern. 
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