God of Style

We rocked it last night man. From sausage fest to blonde German girls. We pulled off the caper. In less seduction nerdy terms, we owned the theme and we owned the party.

Party afterthoughts - what we did well
Theme is memorable and impactful
Flyers rocked
Double room areas rocked
Music was solid
Lots of alcohol
Watermelon Mojitos were really good
Flip cup went well
Afterward, when the girls showed we did well
Improvement areas
Rooms were too dark for flip cup
We maybe spent too much on alcohol, although it was a good cost. We can throw and equally impressive party with less cost
Owning it as hosts - I honestly think we could have done better showing the guests around and introducing them to one another.

I think areas of improvement here in relation to inviting girls to house parties are:
Create attraction and value with more girls
Make girlfriends that are dependable
Just game more in general, with an overall statistic of higher value.
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