God of Style

Day 2 with a really cute German girl. She looks just like Katie Holmes. Really cute. She's getting her PhD at Stanford and has a tight body. Like other American girls she's a little "thicker". As in, she's just bigger overall. Still perfectly proportional in body tone, but it just felt a little bigger. I couldn't hold her down as much as I would be able to my normal skinny and tight Asian girls. But something about a European face just turns me on.

For some reason, the girls that go on day 2s with me now have always really liked me. I don't even run game anymore. I just tell them my life story, which I'm starting to see is actually really fucking unique and interesting.  
At some point during my day 2s I always asked the girl, ' do you really like me?" This is both a qualification and genuine curiosity. If she says yes then great, if not, usually she says "I don't know yet". Or, she just says "no", in which case, at least you know where you stand on the date.

This girl says, "Yes. You're really good looking. It is kind of intimidating actually". I was surprised at this. On a side note, girls used to tell me I was "ok" looking. I always thought I had good genetics (I'm really tall, have a skinny body frame and my face is pretty clear cut) but after years of abuse by haters I stopped believing this. I am also super critical of myself since when I was a kid I wanted to model but I think my ears are a little too big and my nose isn't sharp enough. These are things that only I see because I think about modeling but otherwise, normal everyday girls never even notice it. If I was dating models, they may be aware of it in addition to my personality. As my game and overall inner direction improved, girls started giving me a lot of compliments on looks. Like, "are you a model?" or "you're really good looking". Before I would only hear this from Asian girls or old Asian moms who see me and want to introduce me to their daughters, now I hear it more often. I think nothing about my looks has changed that much, except that I carry myself better.

Back to German girl - I find out that she's a super good girl, studies a lot and her previous boyfriend was kind of nerdy (PhD) as well and so she actually thinks I'm kind of a player. But I disqualify this and tell her that I am very good to the girls I meet, which is completely true. I just date a lot of different girls to find out what I like. I also had to give her value after that statement  because she placed me so high. I told her I liked her a lot (she's very genuine, no fakeness) and she looks amazing to me too. This seems to set the rest of the date on the right mood.

I pay for dinner because I find out she's on a stipend from the university for a very small amount and I feel a bit bad. We go back to my place, watch movie on computer, and end up making out. The clothes come off but she's having her period (fuck again!?). So at this point I could have stopped by I end up placing her hand on my cock and the rest is blown over. Pun intended.

I make her I ask her if she wants to stay, (make the option hers) and walk her to her car. Overall, I really fucking like European girls. The connection is there if you search for it, but its not natural and right away like it is with Chinese girls or other Asian girls. Asian girls usually the attraction is really strong and she's pretty much DDBL'ing me right away. With German girl the attraction was there but we didn't "connect" right away until we got more loose and until later on in the date.

Hope this helps if you're an Asian guy like me who likes white girls :)

Asian Model was super cute, knew how to dress REALLY well. In bed she has a good body, but nothing special. She has a very cute face and the photographers like that. But aside from this its all an illusion of clothes and well done make up. She's got mad game and gives me a run for my money. (I.e. my boyfriend is in NY and he owns his own company.... I don't know if i Like you yet..... we'll see). But no match for a PUA. muahahha. Finds my PUA Training DVDs. Shit. I reframe. We watch Matt Hussey talk about approach anxiety. She agrees with almost everything there. Is fascinated by this subject. I tell her a little bit but then change topic and change movies. Kino. Makeout. She really likes me. Hesitates because of boyfriend. Ends up jerking me but won't kiss or BJ because of "boundaries".

I usually don't date girls with BFs, but this one is in NYC, and he's leaving for HK for good in 3 months. I don't see a future here and I checked her pulse every step along the way here.. no forced game. All natural.

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