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I wasted time going to Surrender (too early), XS (cost too much), and Tryst (cost too much).  btw, I won $50 gambling so I guess the price didn't really matter, but I spent $30 on food.
I wasted another hour in line at Jet, thinking either my Nevada ID would get me in, or the free pass which states good on monday, friday, and saturday before midnight.    Upon reaching the pay counter the told me that the card was meaningless and it was $40.  I left.   Fuck you Jet nightclub.

Walked the strip and casinos.  Talked to April (turned out to be married).   Another at carnival court.  One at Flamingo?, Several prostitutes.  I thought it would be great to try to pull one in towards me by wrapping my arm around her waist - good free practice.  I bought one a coffee.  

My best set was with Sara, and this obnoxious guy opened her and I was amazed at how he interlocked with her fingers and used his and her arms to create a wave.  I took over and said, let me try it.  I was poor at it and she taught me and then again since I was left handed.   ok there is a lot more to this story, but I am busy and I am writing this to refresh my own memory, not for all of you guys.
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