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So Thursday night went pretty well. I have been talking to this one chick that I got with SpicyScallop a week before. Got her in my bed that night but she wouldn't smash b/c she's on the rag. We do everything else. I do like her but she needs to lose 10 pounds to be a contender. Hopefully will hit it when she gets back from outta town this weekend.


SpicyScallop wanted to go to Happy hour. Wasn't totally feeling it due to my Thursday night festivities and was a bit hungover. We bounce to Clarendon ballroom rooftop. We have a couple drinks and talk to a couple at the bar to get rolling. Realize there were way too many dudes so we bounce to Whitlows rooftop. Spicy opens this 9 with her friend. He says that I think that I see a chick that I had relations with but cant totally recognize her. They were all about the story. They were Clarendon stuck up hoe's, probably with a trust fund and paid rent by daddy. However, we make them laugh a bit and by this time we are doing well. I get this one chicks facebook and at this point it's on.

I head back to my place, a 2 minute walk to get water. Spicy leaves to catch an early flight and I hit Lateralus up. I head to a Thai place next to ballroom and chat with the owner for a bit and crush some pad thai. I end up with the worst stomach ache and realize that sarging with Lateralus at ballroom wasn't going so well. I wasn't feeling it and it was close to closing time. Lights come on and I head outside. I start rolling back home and pass a group of girls leaving eventide. I grab one and ask her for a cig, she gives me one and we start talking. After 2 minutes of building rapport, I grab her away from her circle and say come here we're making out. Pull her five feet away, I put my back up against a wall and pull her in. By this time it is on. I tell her that I live right next to the restaurant "3" and we should grab a free drink. She tells her friends that she's ok and its on.

Get her up to my place, pour us both a drink, and she's in my bed in five minutes. I wake up and it's morning. I COMPLETELY forget that I had pulled a chick, probably b/c I drank for 8 hours straight. I turn over and she's next to me completely naked. I'm thinking to myself, oh yeah! That's right! well time for some morning sex. She gives great head too. She was so wet and had a pretty incredible butt. Her clit was HUGE and took her 3 minutes of rubbing it for her to have multiple orgasms. It was crazy.

I think I'm going to have sunday funday tomorrow and probably head to gtown waterfront. I always pull on Sunday fundays when it's warm out. Is it b/c girls are thinking, well hey I didn't hook up Thurs, Fri, or Saturday, so this is my last chance? That's my theory. Correct me if I'm wrong :)
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