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I've finally made it to RSD nation, 

Let me introduce myself, I'm 25 year old male on the mission of getting better with girls and striving to be more confident in life in general.

Yeah, I'm striving to be better, there is no manlier thing ( exept of crushing the enemies :D:D)

I have been reading this stuff for a while (as well as some different, maybe more oldschool) and I decided to implement it in life. 

Up to this point I have been able to walk up to girls in clubs, get number closes, kiss closes and even two fuck closes (one the same day and one on the day 3) buuuuuutttttt, there is a little problem, I have been always gaming while under the influence of alcohol. Now I want to get this shit handled because going out three nights a week and drinking is just devastating to my health and my career.

As I'm writing this, I'm preparing to first sober night since looooong time so keeps your fingers crossed as I'm going alone without any wing (and this pretty much sucks) anyway, my goal today is to do 10 approaches. I hope tat tommorow in the FR I'll be able to write that I fulfilled the plan.
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