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I arrive at
the club just a little before 1 a.m try to find Nassim but no idea of where he
is. I start a few opens here and there. Loose a lot of time between sets
looking for my wing. Go back to opening. Experience rejection after rejection.

I finally
find Nassim in the smoking area outside. The temperature is about 10 degrees
quite a shock for me as I was in tropical humid weather the day before. I am also
tired from the 12hr flight to Paris and a little jetlagged, but hey no excuses.
I just have to go back to the approaches. We open a 3 set outside and joke
around with them for a few minutes.

Back in on
the dance floor with Nassim. Go for a few opens, every chick I approach is like
a grenade explosing in my face haha! At this point I am self-amused and we are
doing silly moves on the dance floor. My wing goes back out to smoke. I
continue to approach. Get one good interaction with a Spanish chick. She asks
where I am from. I answer, she does not believe me. I insist.  NOTE TO MYSELF: This is a mistake. Instead if
insisting I should have kept the fun silly vibe going. No point on loosing time
trying to prove a logical point to a club chick: You lose time and it does not
contribute to the “party/interaction”.

Go back to
check on my wing. Go back inside do a few more opens which don’t get me
rejected (better than the beginning of the night!) but nothing comes out of

Find the
Spanish chick again and she is in her group this time. Start chatting her up
and try to isolate. I am maybe not befriending the group enough. It’s a large
group. Here comes a chode from the group: It’s the Saver!...”Hey this is
my girlfriend” Me: “Ok kiss her then” He doesn’t kiss her and in obviously not
the BF. He pulls her back to the group…

At this
point I am exhausted it’s about 4:30 am and go back home.
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