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 Hello people of the RSD forum!

I went out last Friday. It was an eventful night!

I experienced great state for the first half of the night self-amusing screaming “Vagina!” as
loud as I could in the club. Obviously no one was processing it. I do a few warm
up sets, the usual routine. My wing and I proceed to drive to the next club.
Yes where I live you have to drive from one club to another. I know there is a
set of Swedish chicks on holiday at the next club. Rare opportunity in my small

As I drive to the next club two guys riding a motor bike crash into the side of my car.
One of the guys needs to go to the hospital. I am in a bit of a shock. Both guys
are drunk and on some other drugs. They don’t want to go to the Police, I don’t
either as I am probably over the limit. I take both guys in my car. One of them
is screaming and pissing blood all over the back seat. I drop them off to get
medical attention.

After that I then decide to follow the original plan and got to the club to hit the
Swedish set! As I arrive in the club, I speak to the girls. The 3 girls are
leaving with a bunch of other dudes for an after party at someone’s house. I
try to follow but impossible. Those girls are blond stunning 9’s! I’d cut my
finger off to have a shot at one on them! Fuck I lost this set because of the

I go game open girls in the club but I am terribly out of state still in shock from the

1) I am one motivated mofo! Have you ever gone gaming after some kind of shocking

2) I was motivated because I knew it was my last shot at the Swedish set.

3) I have to find wings to go game HBs in Stockholm/Helsinski/Berlin. Blonds make me
go crazy. Anyone out there?   
Oh! And a last one: going through a car accident will get you out of state for the
rest of the evening J
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