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 Ok so I took an early morning flight to Berlin right after the “We love art” party in
Paris. No time to sleep…

After a quick 2hrs afternoon nap my wing and I hit the bars. We hit the “Club der
Visionaere” first but the bouncer refuses to let us in. “ Too many men inside
he says” we decide to go to other bars in that area.

My wing pushes me towards a 2 set of average 30 year olds. I open them at the bar and successfully
engage both in a fun/entertaining/flirty conversation. I decide to leave the
set as they are not so attractive to me.

I see an 8 and hesitate for about 2 minutes before I go open and an other guy goes in to
open. I didn’t respect the 2 second rule…and so I got punished.

I open a few more sets of German chicks here and there. Most go ok, a few are

I then proceed to open a 2 set with a blond babe. I’m really into blonds. So I go in
with some standard chode question/answer conversation with the blond. After a
full 30 minutes of one on one conversation I manage to isolate her on a sofa in
the bar start to get physical and go for a few kisses. The girls response is, I
think you are interesting but I’m not kissing you or sleeping with you tonight.
I continue insisting for a long period of time. I know time is my allay in this
situation. Finally start kissing the girl. She doesn’t kiss well. After a bit
of kissing and fun on the sofa it’s time to go home. The girl is undecided
about is she should bring me home or not. I a genuinely too exhausted to fuck
her. I’m soo tired I couldn’t even get my dick up! I decide to go home with my

Next day she texts me but I can’t bother to go meet her and get laid, I just don’t care.


1) Approach after a few seconds: Go now or never go!

2) I spend most of the night with one girl. Would have been a better experience to open more girls and not just focus on one girl.

3) I learned that a could game chicks even when I am very tired/exhausted.

4) Berlin girls are much nicer/friendlier than the ones in Paris


- Yes I closed a girl, but didn’t learn that much from the night.
- Berlin is an awesome city for pick up. If any of you guys need to know something about Berlin, just ask
- Being from an exotic location and visiting Europe is like "involuntary peacocking". Your accent, manners, the way you dress make you stand out from the local crowd.
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