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 Ok this
time I am out with my uni “civilian” friends who are not into pick up at all.
The venue is huge really spread out and the temperature inside is about 17-18
degrees. I am just wearing a shirt so got to dance around to keep warm. Nice
party and venue but its super cold inside.

I am
spending a lot of time with my friends, not ideal. I start to open a few sets.
My opens are much smoother than at Showcase on Saturday. I have the feeling of “blowing
the reality” of some of the uni friends around as I open set after set in front
of them.

interesting set of the night happens with a hot blond Italian student in her
mid 20’s. I randomly bump into her at the hotdog stand. I game her as I eat. I
am lucky. That’s like an instant date! After a lot of chatting her group is
going to leave. She politely saya she has to go. I tell her to take my number
and call me. She says “Ok I take your number but I have a boyfriend in Italy”
Me: “If you have a BF then there is no point” Her: “It was so nice to meet you”

Ok so I
maybe should have insisted on this one…Doing a day two with a chick who has a
BF…could have led to a F close?

I am going
to Berlin in on an early morning flight that same day and already focusing on
the next night out.
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