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 Hello people of the RSD forum!

I went out last Friday. It was an eventful night!

I experienced great state for the first half of the night self-amusing screaming “Vagina!” as
loud as I could in the club. Obviously no one was processing it. I do a few warm
up sets, the usual routine. My wing and I proceed to drive to the next club.
Yes where I live you have to drive from one club to another. I know there is a
set of Swedish chicks on holiday at the next club. Rare opportunity in my small

As I drive to the next club two guys riding a motor bike crash into the side of my car.
One of the guys needs to go to the hospital. I am in a bit of a shock. Both guys
are drunk and on some other drugs. They don’t want to go to the Police, I don’t
either as I am probably over the limit. I take both guys in my car. One of them
is screaming and pissing blood all over the back seat. I drop them off to get
medical attention.

After that I then decide to follow the original plan and got to the club to hit the
Swedish set! As I arrive in the club, I speak to the girls. The 3 girls are
leaving with a bunch of other dudes for an after party at someone’s house. I
try to follow but impossible. Those girls are blond stunning 9’s! I’d cut my
finger off to have a shot at one on them! Fuck I lost this set because of the

I go game open girls in the club but I am terribly out of state still in shock from the

1) I am one motivated mofo! Have you ever gone gaming after some kind of shocking

2) I was motivated because I knew it was my last shot at the Swedish set.

3) I have to find wings to go game HBs in Stockholm/Helsinski/Berlin. Blonds make me
go crazy. Anyone out there?   
Oh! And a last one: going through a car accident will get you out of state for the
rest of the evening J
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 Ok so I took an early morning flight to Berlin right after the “We love art” party in
Paris. No time to sleep…

After a quick 2hrs afternoon nap my wing and I hit the bars. We hit the “Club der
Visionaere” first but the bouncer refuses to let us in. “ Too many men inside
he says” we decide to go to other bars in that area.

My wing pushes me towards a 2 set of average 30 year olds. I open them at the bar and successfully
engage both in a fun/entertaining/flirty conversation. I decide to leave the
set as they are not so attractive to me.

I see an 8 and hesitate for about 2 minutes before I go open and an other guy goes in to
open. I didn’t respect the 2 second rule…and so I got punished.

I open a few more sets of German chicks here and there. Most go ok, a few are

I then proceed to open a 2 set with a blond babe. I’m really into blonds. So I go in
with some standard chode question/answer conversation with the blond. After a
full 30 minutes of one on one conversation I manage to isolate her on a sofa in
the bar start to get physical and go for a few kisses. The girls response is, I
think you are interesting but I’m not kissing you or sleeping with you tonight.
I continue insisting for a long period of time. I know time is my allay in this
situation. Finally start kissing the girl. She doesn’t kiss well. After a bit
of kissing and fun on the sofa it’s time to go home. The girl is undecided
about is she should bring me home or not. I a genuinely too exhausted to fuck
her. I’m soo tired I couldn’t even get my dick up! I decide to go home with my

Next day she texts me but I can’t bother to go meet her and get laid, I just don’t care.


1) Approach after a few seconds: Go now or never go!

2) I spend most of the night with one girl. Would have been a better experience to open more girls and not just focus on one girl.

3) I learned that a could game chicks even when I am very tired/exhausted.

4) Berlin girls are much nicer/friendlier than the ones in Paris


- Yes I closed a girl, but didn’t learn that much from the night.
- Berlin is an awesome city for pick up. If any of you guys need to know something about Berlin, just ask
- Being from an exotic location and visiting Europe is like "involuntary peacocking". Your accent, manners, the way you dress make you stand out from the local crowd.
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 Ok this
time I am out with my uni “civilian” friends who are not into pick up at all.
The venue is huge really spread out and the temperature inside is about 17-18
degrees. I am just wearing a shirt so got to dance around to keep warm. Nice
party and venue but its super cold inside.

I am
spending a lot of time with my friends, not ideal. I start to open a few sets.
My opens are much smoother than at Showcase on Saturday. I have the feeling of “blowing
the reality” of some of the uni friends around as I open set after set in front
of them.

interesting set of the night happens with a hot blond Italian student in her
mid 20’s. I randomly bump into her at the hotdog stand. I game her as I eat. I
am lucky. That’s like an instant date! After a lot of chatting her group is
going to leave. She politely saya she has to go. I tell her to take my number
and call me. She says “Ok I take your number but I have a boyfriend in Italy”
Me: “If you have a BF then there is no point” Her: “It was so nice to meet you”

Ok so I
maybe should have insisted on this one…Doing a day two with a chick who has a
BF…could have led to a F close?

I am going
to Berlin in on an early morning flight that same day and already focusing on
the next night out.
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I arrive at
the club just a little before 1 a.m try to find Nassim but no idea of where he
is. I start a few opens here and there. Loose a lot of time between sets
looking for my wing. Go back to opening. Experience rejection after rejection.

I finally
find Nassim in the smoking area outside. The temperature is about 10 degrees
quite a shock for me as I was in tropical humid weather the day before. I am also
tired from the 12hr flight to Paris and a little jetlagged, but hey no excuses.
I just have to go back to the approaches. We open a 3 set outside and joke
around with them for a few minutes.

Back in on
the dance floor with Nassim. Go for a few opens, every chick I approach is like
a grenade explosing in my face haha! At this point I am self-amused and we are
doing silly moves on the dance floor. My wing goes back out to smoke. I
continue to approach. Get one good interaction with a Spanish chick. She asks
where I am from. I answer, she does not believe me. I insist.  NOTE TO MYSELF: This is a mistake. Instead if
insisting I should have kept the fun silly vibe going. No point on loosing time
trying to prove a logical point to a club chick: You lose time and it does not
contribute to the “party/interaction”.

Go back to
check on my wing. Go back inside do a few more opens which don’t get me
rejected (better than the beginning of the night!) but nothing comes out of

Find the
Spanish chick again and she is in her group this time. Start chatting her up
and try to isolate. I am maybe not befriending the group enough. It’s a large
group. Here comes a chode from the group: It’s the Saver!...”Hey this is
my girlfriend” Me: “Ok kiss her then” He doesn’t kiss her and in obviously not
the BF. He pulls her back to the group…

At this
point I am exhausted it’s about 4:30 am and go back home.
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