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I have tasted glory. Forgot what it it is like to have the eye of the tiger.            Day 1 
About this Don Juan
  • Found out about "pickup" almost 2 years ago
  • Started taking action one year ago and lasted for 2-3 months 
  • Stopped/ Ocassonaly gaming/ searching what i want to do for a career/ (Self-Searching) for the past half year.
  • 19

Ready to get back into Self-development !!

Level I think I am at

I say I am a sleeping 10 like everyone but according to pickup value scale I consider myself a newbie currently.

I have set healthy goals that can be not easly but not impossible to achive in order to keep me inspired and grow

There is no going back now, Farewell chode Alex; we went through great and horible times.
Its time to man up and show the world who the Fuck I am   (;

RSD you got yourself a new Success Story
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