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Well, this is what I would like to share with you for historical purposes.


So lets begin. I was born in Ukraine, and I was just a normal guy. This is a bit funny to be here on RSDNation, because I first saw a girl naked when I was 12, she was a cute blonde girl. She was so loving me, she wrote me letters, we spent lots of time together and it quickly turned sexual… Well, I'm neither glad nor ashamed of it, it is what it is and few people experienced it so young.


(of course this is not me nor she, just a random photo on the internet)

So I grew up in Ukraine. When I turned 11 my family migrated to France. I didn't even spoke french. I went to school, where obviously I didn't unterstand anyone and I was very isolated first few months. Next four years I was at the same school and I created a self-identity of a guy from a pour country who is always apart from the others.


Some people made fun of me. Sometimes I didn't even unterstand it, and sometimes I just pretended to not unterstand what was going on because I didn't know how to deal with it.

Well, I was a very smart guy so I had good marks, and now I speak french perfectly, but I was lacking something important. Social experience. Friends. Joy of being together. When other people where going to parties I had to occupy myself with something, so I was sitting home doing homework, reading litterature, studying physics and mathematics, or writing computer programs.


I cracked up. I felt in love with a girl and I didn't even managed to get her. I was thinking about her every day, I cried nights on end praying god “if he existed” to do something so I could get her. I was ready to do absolutely anything for her, spiritually she was like a queen for me and I was thinking of myself as her slave. And I was.

Then I went to high school. And still no girls. I went to a special class for future engineers and in our class there were only two girls : a little fatty and an absolutely disgusting crazy brunette with black nails, thick glasses and dark purple stockings.

A year ago I noticed a girl and I liked her. As she was very unreactive, I searched through internet how to make her attracted. And I discovered the community.

This is where I made a huge mistake.

I learned I was an AFC.

I learned I was a chode.

I learned I had problems.

I believed this fucking bullshit. I forgot my little success.

Unfortunately I knew nothing about what RSD teaches.

Trying to learn pick up, realizing I had to change my personality, and going out a lot meant to acknowledge that I was not enough, I was not yet good by myself.

And this is what I hate the most in pick up industry. They are an authority and they tell you how you suck, so you lose your confidence, and you begin to suck. And you begin to believe that you really need their shitty products.

Haha, I remember how I learned pick up lines late in the night and tried it in the next morning on my unique “target” on the way to school.

So, if you are a newbie, be open minded, but don't let some “authority” define who you are, judge everything for yourself. You have to trust yourself and to follow your own path, external self help ressources are only tools and you are the only one who will decide if you want to use them or not, and when. You are the pilot.

You DO NOT NEED all those pick up products in order to succeed. It is optional. It can maybe just accelerate your learning. The most important thing is you. Your life is your own journey. And remember, most of present “gurus” figured it out by themselves and then created their own “methods”. And now, they are just trying to sell it to anyone.


Enjoy your own life and don't be tooled, boy!

Rely only on yourself: besides, this is what it means to be natural.

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Cool, this is a good post
(By the Way, what's Ukrania like? )
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SocialGuy wrote:
Cool, this is a good post
(By the Way, what's Ukrania like? )
HI SocialGuy,

All the pictures in this post are from Ukraine. They weren't taken by me, but I know every place you can see here. :)

So this is what Ukraine is like, in my perspective.

Have a nice day !
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