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Seduction community makes us believe that we have to seduce girls. We have to make the first move, “chat her up” and hope she'll like us. If not, we'll do the next set. Approach after approach, we have to recognize and learn from our mistakes and get better.

In school teachers told us men and women are all born equal and sex happens when both of partners are ok with it. They told us sex should happen with someone we love. So did my parents.

When I was feeling something special for a girl, I usually tried to spend more time with her, in hope that one day she'll also fall in love with me. I didn't want to say “I love you” to the girl I loved too early because I didn't want to miss my chances with her. I spent my days wondering whether or not she was feeling something for me.

Looking back at those days I'm pretty sure she was ready to become my girlfriend. But I did nothing, except for talking a lot, and eventually she said me one day: “I want us just to be good friends.”

I thought a lot about mating. I liked maths, I even calculated the probability that a girl and a boy will fall in love with each other in a group of X persons where there are as much girls as boys. And the interesting thing is that if we consider that every guy and avery girl have equal chances to be loved, and if we also consider that every girl and every guy can love only one person… in any population (no matter the number of persons), there will always be approximately only one couple.

So the smaller the groups, the more romantic relationships it will be (one in each group on average).

I recently watched a random Russian film and it reminded me that in Russia, men are not considered as the seducers, but the seduced ones. In russian culture, a man who can resist a girl who is flirting with him is viewed as an honorable person, a real man who can control his desires. It also reminded me how two girls talked to me on the street and proposed to go home with them when I was younger. Or this girl with huge tits with whom I had my first sexual experience and I didn't even wanted to kiss her. Looking back at it, I wonder why I didn't want to have a relationship with her, she was really hot.

It confuses me a lot that since I moved in France things are different, girls seem to view every approach as if they were threatened by sexual predators, people are not very open, they rather try to avoid conversation.

The image of a man who can resist a girl's sexual advances without cheating on his girlfriend seems great.

But it is just not applicable in my current reality.

Where are those girls who are females, who represent love and sexual desire?

I see girls playing nasty games in clubs and leaving alone.

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 LOL Nice ending :)
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Don corleon

Don corleon

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 My girlfriend in grade 11 was a Russian girl who was two year older then me. She initiated the conversation with me and I wondered why would a good looking girl like that talk to me. Your article explains a lot. LOL I guess we should all move to Russia then?
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